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mimi and bella

Speaking of Bar Harbor, I want to introduce my two italian greyhounds, mimi and bella! They travel with my husband Edward and I to Bar Harbor Maine every summer. They are beautiful subjects to photograph! Here are a few photos from about a month ago. They are enjoying the soft warm grass on the lawn of the Bar Harbor Inn. How decadent!

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fostoria glass

There is nothing like morning sun! It bathes my kitchen counter in warm delicious light. I just couldn’t resist setting up a mini photo shoot! The subject, eight of the loveliest little antique juice glasses. They from an antique store in Bar Harbor ME called Michael H. Graves Antiques (no not the architect!). They date from the 1930’s and are credited to the Fostoria Glass Company. The glass is the most beautiful shade of light blue, almost lavender. I love the shadows they create! Enjoy!

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antony todd

I just couldn’t wait to include some of my favorite interiors from Antony Todd’s website. I was lucky enough to visit his store in NYC last summer and was blown away by his space! It is immaculate! Pure perfection! Enjoy!
Photos are from Antony Todd
Furniture & Accessories
44 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
Tel. 212.529.3252

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welcome autumn!

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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neil devlin antiques

My first post is a salute to one of my greatest inspirations, Neil Devlin. My mom first met Neil when she worked at Filene’s. Neil was the head of visuals for all Filene’s stores! He is a genius in every aspect of design ~ interior design, furniture, antiques, staging, window display, art, etc…After many successful years with Filene’s, he opened a store in Sudbury MA called Pairs of Chairs. My mom and I looked forward to our visits to Neil’s and I am fortunate enough to own a number of beautiful pieces from his store. Two years ago he left Sudbury for Wellesley MA and is now part of the design center at E.A. Davis & CO. It is his thoughtful eye that has inspired me to explore my love of art and design. Thank you Neil!

Neil Devlin Antiques INC. is on the design floor at E.A.Davis & CO located at 579 Washington Street, Wellesley MA. Please stop in and enjoy this unique shopping experience!

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