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Today’s post features a Manhattan apartment from the October 2011 issue of Elle Decor…I was immediately attracted to the warm earthy palette and walls of framed art…in fact, the homeowner/designer likens the frame to frame compositions to wallpaper…from baseboard to ceiling, the frames fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle…collected over three decades, each piece carries with it a memory and a story…put them together, and they transcend their own individual beauty…hanging art takes a skilled eye and a tremendous amount of patience…for me, this is one of the finest displays of frame to frame art I have ever seen…you might be thinking to yourself, the homeowner must be a museum curator or own an art gallery, but the brilliant mind behind this artful home is William Frawley, accessories designer and sought after fashion consultant…what an incredible talent…I can just imagine his eye for detail when designing a shoe or a bag…amazing…

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photos and resources from Elle Decor

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a colorful life

If you have a minute, I highly recommend a visit to Muriel Brandolini‘s gorgeous website…there is a wonderful travel section featuring her favorite places to visit along with links to hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc…what a colorful life!

“I believe that most colors go together…my color sense is inspired by Vietnam…by the kitsch of the 19th-century temples, the colorful food, and the beautiful lotus flower. It is my eccentricity that is Venezuelan…” ~ Muriel Brandolini, from an interview with Annie Kelly for 1st dibs Style Compass

photos from Muriel Brandolini

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“My source of inspiration comes from everywhere. I have always let my mind run free.” ~ Muriel Brandolini

Published on October 1st 2011, The World of Muriel Brandolini: Interiors showcases this fearless designers colorful and unexpected style…half Vietnamese, half French-Venezuelan, her global influences are an integral part of her creative process…today’s photos are just the tip of the iceberg, a sneak peek at some of the extraordinary interiors featured in her new book…to see a wonderful video interview with Muriel Brandolini on vogue.it, click here…there is an intimacy to this interview that I think you will really enjoy…her voice, her beauty, and the visual world that surrounds her…it’s a beautiful look at her life and inspirations

photos from Muriel Brandolini

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earth’s eye

“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

photo by me, 10/5/11

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I leave you this week with Ingo Maurer‘s timeless classic, the Bulb Table Lamp…designed in 1966, this is Maurer’s first manufactured lamp and the one that launched his company Design M.

Polished chromium-plated metal base, hand-blown crystal glass, crown-silvered 100W bulb

I’d like to share with you two excerpts from a 2009 video interview filmed during the Milan design week and presented by a Japanese web magazine called moonlinx (to see the entire interview, click here)

“I like very much the concept that I leave enough freedom for the consumer or for the onlooker to have their own fantasy and their own interpretation…I don’t like to be a dictator and say, this is it and nothing else…so I use the people to make my designs finished in their minds…their fantasy…” ~ Ingo Maurer

Question from moonlinx ~ “What kind of dreams do you have?”

Answer from Ingo Maurer ~ “A strong dream that I have is that society, all around the world, would become more modest…that progress would mean modesty…modesty also in expression of design…this is a dream, that the people would accept…”

photos from Ingo Maurer

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ingo maurer ~ biotope

You may be asking yourself, what is that? A piece of art? Sculpture? Maybe a living organism? Remarkably, it is a hybrid light and acoustical device created by the German lighting designer Ingo Maurer…a Munich couple commissioned Maurer to design a “light” for their dining room, but as you can see, this is no ordinary dining room and this is certainly no ordinary light! Dating back to the 19th century, the apartment boasts an octagonal room that was originally conceived as a private chapel…now re-imagined as a dining room, Maurer wanted to create something that would both illuminate and soften the sound in the small but tall domed space…the end result, Biotope ~ “a 12 foot high hanging mass of  emerald-green sponges that glow from within (thanks to hidden L.E.D.’s), and  teemed with life in the form of about 100 exquisite, hand-painted models of butterflies, dragonflies, lizards and other creatures…green and white spotlights along the room’s perimeter add a surface glow that complements the L.E.D.’s concealed within the sponges, and a sound system, also hidden, can play music as well as insect noises or bird songs”

As with all art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…I realize this may not be for everyone, but it makes me smile…there is something uniquely romantic about the whole idea…it stretches the imagination and tests the boundaries…how exciting!

below ~ Ingo Maurer with the Biotope

Quote from Pilar Viladas and photographs by Marcus Gaab for the New York Times

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On the heels of yesterday’s post, I thought you might enjoy a tour of David Kleinberg‘s Manhattan home as photographed for the September 2011 issue of Architectural Digest…built in 1925, the historic two-bedroom flat boosts elaborate millwork, marble fireplaces and a kitchen with a service entrance…with the exception of the master suite, Kleinberg retained much of the 1920s architecture along with some elaborate touches by the iconic design duo Denning & Fourcade…take for example the Denning & Fourcade chinoiserie dining room with its extravagant gold and brown lacquer panels (photos 6 and 7)…a far cry from his subdued interiors, he chose to preserve the exotic installation but reinvented the space using a brilliant mix of fabrics, textures and furnishings…the result, a respectful nod to the past but with a modern sensibility…

photos and resources from Architectural Digest

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