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watch hill, RI

Two performances of A German Requiem by Johannes Brahms brought me to the town of Westerly, RI this past weekend…the glorious scent of salt water, the sunset glow over Watch Hill Harbor and the rich sonorities of the Brahms still linger in my mind…life is good

photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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“When I gaze at a sunset sky and spend hours contemplating its marvelous ever-changing beauty, an extraordinary emotion overwhelms me. Nature in all its vastness is truthfully reflected in my sincere though feeble soul. Around me are the trees stretching up their branches to the skies, the perfumed flowers gladdening the meadow, the gentle grass-carpetted earth, … and my hands unconsciously assume an attitude of adoration. … To feel the supreme and moving beauty of the spectacle to which Nature invites her ephemeral guests! … that is what I call prayer.”

~ Claude Debussy

Wishing you a glorious weekend!

photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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syrinx by claude debussy, performed by danielle boudrot, flute

The story of Syrinx ~

“There was a certain nymph, Mercury said, whose name was Syrinx, — much beloved by the satyrs and spirits of the wood. She would have none of them, but was a faithful worshiper of Diana and followed the chase. Pan, meeting her one day, wooed her with many compliments, likening her to Diana of the silver bow. Without stopping to hear him she ran away. But on the bank of the river he overtook her. She called for help on her friends, the water-nymphs. They heard and consented. Pan threw his arms around what he supposed to be the form of the nymph and found he embraced only a tuft of reeds. As he breathed a sigh, the air sounded through the reeds and produced a plaintive meoldy. Whereupon the god, charmed with the novelty and with the sweetness of the music, said, ‘Thus, then, at least you shall be mine.’ Taking some of the reeds of unequal lengths and placing them together, side by side, he made an instrument and called it Syrinx in honor of the nymph.”

Claude Debussy composed “Syrinx” (La Flute De Pan) based on Pan’s sadness over losing his love. Written in 1913, “Syrinx” was the first unaccompanied flute solo of the 20th century and was dedicated to French flutist Louis Fleury. This brief atmospheric sketch is rich with programmatic references. See if you can hear the reeds blowing in the wind, leaves falling, or Pan’s heartbroken sighs of sorrow.

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Today is my 500th post! Hooray! Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to join me on this personal journey…knowing you are out there, on the other side of this computer, makes the whole adventure worth while…being able to share with you my first visit to High Point Market or the wonder of NYC and the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, is truly a dream come true…too many pinch me moments to count! I hope you continue down this path with me…it just wouldn’t be the same without you…

To celebrate, I thought I’d post a few memorable photos from a thoughtful eye…when I look at these images, I’m taken back to a moment in time when I remember thinking to myself, it doesn’t get much better than that…

The Parthenon Friezes ~ watercolor on paper by Wendy Artin

The Oly Showroom ~ High Point Market, Spring 2012

DIFFA Dining by Design, March 2012

The Verellen Showroom ~ High Point Market, Spring 2012

The Breakers and Rosecliff, Newport, RI

photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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On the heels of yesterday’s post, I thought you would enjoying seeing what Maria Bonita created using Elisa Strozyk‘s wooden textiles! Known for their modern design, impeccably cut clothes, and innovative finishings, Maria Bonita pushed the boundaries of fashion by incorporating Strozyk’s wooden textiles into their 2011 collection…the blond wood dress feels as fresh as a summer day…and who wouldn’t want that gorgeous bag! For me, it has it all! Form, function, beauty and innovation…absolutely brilliant!

And how could I not include a sampling of my favorites from Maria Bonita’s 2012 Winter (Inverno) collection! Texture, texture, texture! The sublime autumnal palette is realized in sumptuous, tangible textiles…artful layering appears effortless and altogether modern on this checkerboard runway of stones and leaves…I can’t help but imagine how these textures and colors would look in an interior space…I think it would be heavenly! Enjoy!

top two photos from MoCo Loco, 2012 winter collection from Maria Bonita

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Featured in the New York Times Style Magazine for her wooden carpets, Berlin designer Elisa Strozyk is changing the face of textiles as we know it…to create her wooden carpets and wooden textiles, hundreds of individually sanded and oiled pieces of wood veneer are cut and attached by hand to a textile base…the result is a flexible geodesic dome! Equal parts math and art, this new way of thinking opens up an infinite number of possibilities! How exciting!

Wooden Textiles convey a new tactile experience. We are used to experiencing wood as a hard material; we know the feeling of walking across wooden floors, to touch a wooden tabletop or to feel the bark of a tree. But we usually don’t experience a wooden surface which can be manipulated by touch. Wooden Textiles is a material that is half wood-half textile, between hard and soft, challenging what can be expected from a material or category. It looks and smells familiar but feels strange, as it is able to move and form in unexpected ways. The processes to transform wood into a flexible wooden surface is its deconstruction into pieces, which are then attached to a textile base. Depending on the geometry and size of the tiles each design shows a different behavior regarding flexibility and mobility. There are various possible applications, for example as floorings, curtains, drapes, plaids, upholstery or parts of furniture.” ~ Elisa Strozyk

above and below ~ Wooden Textiles

below ~ Paperweaves

I just had to include her breathtaking collection of Paperweaves…an ethereal textile for the 21st century

photos by Elisa Strozyk and Sebastian Neeb

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I leave you this week with a breathtaking barn designed by Briggs Edward Solomon…one look at the gorgeous wood walls (barn bedroom below) and I was transported back to the Verellen showroom! (top photo) How wonderful to see this artful wood treatment again! In both cases, the horizontal boards serve as accent walls…a rustic contrast to the otherwise refined white interiors…this small discovery was such a nice surprise…one that I couldn’t wait to share with you! Enjoy!

Wishing you a lovely spring weekend!

top photo by danielle boudrot, all other photos from Briggs Edward Solomon

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