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Today’s post features five exhibits I visited from the juried MADE galleries at the 2013 AD Home Design Show. To learn more about these exceptional artists, please click on their name to link directly to their website. Ok, let’s begin our journey…



Hiroko Takeda ~ Of all the incredible art I experienced, this hand woven gilded textile by Hiroko Takeda was my favorite discovery. Her sublime play of texture and pattern is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Using traditional and experimental techniques, she respectfully illuminates the beauty of her materials while pushing the boundaries of creation. Timeless and modern, her work will surely stand the test of time.






Joel Urruty ~ Of all the wonderful people I encountered at the show, Joel was perhaps the most fun-loving and joyful of them all, and with a laugh so contagious, I wish I could have bottled it up and taken it home with me! With every meeting, we had more to share and more to laugh about. One of my favorite moments included the back story behind his newest wall creations. Inspired by the linear repetition of his wood lined chicken coops, he cut and burned old discarded pallets into unique pieces of wall art. For me, the charred, irregular texture of the wood works harmoniously with the exacting repetition of pattern. How incredible to experience a highly refined work of art knowing it emerged from a forlorn object of storage and transport. Now that’s what I call vision.


You are unique, just like everyone else ~ Burnt wood, 41″ x 61″


Lotus Plaza ~ Burnt wood, 38″ x 30″


River, river ~ Burnt wood, 31″ x 23″


Cocobolo Design ~ I was instantly drawn to this exhibit because of its sophisticated styling and ethereal color palette. Vintage chairs work effortlessly alongside a Katherine Taylor designed coffee table and table lamp by Shizue Imai. Poetic wall sculptures by Michele Quan and Shizue Imai elevate the eye and invite conversation. Form, function and beauty unite ~ such is the result of great design. It stimulates our mind and imagination to discover a whole new world of possibilities.

“Cocobolo features ceramic artists at the forefront of their craft, eloquently transforming clay. Led by Director Benjamin Wiener, the work encompasses abstraction, decorative objects and sculpture including vessels, lighting, tableware, furniture, tiles, architectural screens and large-scale bas-reliefs.”


Coffee table by Katherine Taylor, geometric sculpture by Colleen Carlson, table lamp by Shizue Imai, the hanging garland installation is by Michele Quan


Wall sculpture by Shizue Imai


Clay vessel is by Young Mi Kim and the wall sculpture is by Shizue Imai


John Eric Byers ~ At first glance, I thought these pieces were crafted from steel but there was an intriguing counterpoint of hard and soft I couldn’t quite figure out. After speaking with the artist himself, I discovered this material to be hand carved blackened hardwood. This of course explains the warmth of texture I was feeling, but how unusual and unexpected. This one of a kind dimpled surface thoughtfully re-invents humble geometric forms, elevating their simplicity into tactile works of art.


m1 Credenza ~ carved, blackened hardwood, brass pulls ~ 26″ x 77″ x 18″

Stool #13 ~ carved, blackened hardwood ~ 21″ x 18″ x 18″


Wall Panel, Black #8 ~ casein paint and wax ~ 48″ x 38″

Bowls ~ turned, carved, gilded, blackened hardwood


detail of Bowls ~ turned, carved, gilded, blackened hardwood


v3 Cabinet ~ carved, blackened hardwood, brass pulls ~ 63″ x 22.5″ x 16″

Gilded Drum Tables ~ carved, blackened hardwood, 23.5 kt leaf ~ 20″ x 18″ diameter


detail of Bench for Four ~ carved, blackened hardwood ~ 16″ x 64″ x 16″


Isabelle Abramson ~ With todays advanced technologies, artists are finding new and often faster ways to hone their craft. I’m sure we’ve all experienced a textile or piece of furniture using the latest laser technologies and most likely been wowed by the results, but how wonderful to discover artists who still pride themselves on creating hand crafted, one of a kind art. Such is the case with ceramics artist Isabelle Abramson. Her meticulously hand carved porcelain bowls and vases celebrate this slow, organic process of creation. Using an all white palette, her lacy negative shapes feel altogether modern and timeless, and her brilliant play of pattern, form and texture leave me wondering what else she is capable of producing. I imagine the possibilities are limitless.


Carved Porcelain Lace Fruit Bowl with intricate lace-inspired design. Glazed with a matte white glaze. Measures approximately 12.5″ in diameter and 6.75″ in height.


Detail of the Carved Porcelain Fruit Bowl


Detail of Porcelain Vase ~ Six-sided, white porcelain vase with hand-carved detail. Measures approximately 13″ in height and 9″ at widest diameter. Glazed with milky white matte glaze.


photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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Last year, spring arrived with 74 degree temperatures, sunny daffodils and birds in song. Today, on spring’s eve, Mother Nature rocked our world with yet another fierce snowy blast, cold winds and maybe a bird or two in song. What a remarkable contrast to the March of 2012…

But when it comes to art and design, here’s hoping the NYC 2013 Architectural Digest Home Design Show remains true to form, delivering innovation, brilliance, and even a touch of fantasy. Last year’s show opened my eyes to a whole new world of creativity. I met inspiring artists from the MADE galleries, filed away thoughtful insights from the AD design seminars, and was blown away by the gorgeous and sustainable furniture made by companies like BDDW and Tucker Robbins, just to name a few…

To whet our appetites, I thought I’d share a sampling of my favorite installations from the NYC 2012 DIFFA’s Dining by Design event (held in conjunction with the AD Show). It was a magical place, uniting art & design all in an effort to provide direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and foster preventive education for those at risk.

 I can’t wait to experience this year’s magic! Hope to see you there!

Architectural Digest Home Design Show ~ March 21 – 24, 2013

Pier 94, 55th Street at Twelfth Avenue, New York City

Resource Furniture

New York School of Interior Design

Herman Miller

Benjamin Moore

Neiman Marcus

David Ling

Slade Architecture

Ali Tayar with Jones Falls Furniture Company, Custom Digital Printing by Wolf-Gordon

New York Times


photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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The November 2012 issue of Architectural Digest is aptly titled “Before and After” and features thoughtful transformations by the likes of Alex Papachristidis, J. Randall Powers and Terry Hunziker just to name a few…my favorite makeover is featured on the cover and was conceived by designer Nate Berkus…located in a 19th-century Greenwich Village building, the apartment possessed the charm and “imperfection” Berkus was searching for but was in dire need of a facelift…so the designer worked his magic and with the help of architect Carlos Huber, transformed this tired apartment into a chic home filled with beloved art, antiques and found objects collected over a lifetime…

What I love most about this interior is how he re-invented the “shell” (new floors, windows, grasscloth, paint) to best support his existing furniture and art…he is able to live with the pieces he loves but in a fresh “new” environment…how wonderful!

“There’s no other place in the world that tells a story of who I am more than this space I’m sitting in right now.” ~ Nate Berkus from the AD video interview

photography by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest

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Washington D.C. based architect Donald Lococo and interior designer Darryl Carter fused their talents to create a Tudor revival for the 21st century…flowing spaces and sun-washed rooms echo the wants and needs of a modern family while the raised paneling, oriel window and Gothic-style fireplace offer architectural gestures from the past…the clean, neutral palette provides a serene backdrop for Carter’s thoughtful mix of antiques and custom furniture…

Who knew a Tudor could be bright and inviting?

photography by William Waldron for Architectural Digest

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“When I got to New Mexico, that was mine…as soon as I saw it, that was my country…I had never seen anything like it before but it fitted to me exactly…it’s something that’s in the air…it’s just different…the sky is different…the stars are different…the wind is different” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe, age 92, from a video interview taken around her home in New Mexico

July 1981 ~ Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico…photography by Mary E. Nichols for Architectural Digest

Georgia O’Keeffe ~ 94 years old, July 1981

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It should come as no surprise to me that I would fall head over heels in love with Richard Shapiro’s Malibu retreat…I have adored his work for as long as I can remember so when this magical home appeared on the pages of Architectural Digest, it was just another wow moment for me to take in…Shapiro worked closely with architect Douglas Burdge to create a home that feels altogether ancient and modern at the same time…let’s take a closer look at the details

Living Room ~ pristine steel windows enhance the rough beauty of frescoed plaster walls…4 Shapiro designed chairs happily co-exist with a 17th century Italian gilt-wood mirror and antique Cypriot fireplace

Kitchen ~ Basalt (a volcanic stone) and black lacquer cabinets combine to create a dramatic statement in the kitchen…the linen covered sofa is custom fitted to the alcove…how romantic!

Quite possibly the most artful staircase I have ever seen! The steel balustrade winds up to the master bedroom and bath…what an effortless marriage of wood, stone and steel…truly a masterpiece!

A timber staircase was designed to resemble the weathered ramparts of a Moroccan fort…pure genius!

Library ~ A daybed covered in mismatched stripes creates a cozy nook for reading in the corner of the library…table is 15th century Italian…painting is by Shapiro

Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Architectural Digest

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Hats off to Margaret Russell and the entire team at Architectural Digest for enhancing their web presence with larger photos, personal interviews, and wonderful video content! After reading my July 2012 issue of AD, I was thrilled to discover some delicious extras on the AD site! To supplement the Vicente Wolf article and photos, archdigest.com added a Q & A along with a brilliant video interview! I was lifted to new heights! The video offered me a priceless look into the eyes of the designer…seeing his expressive face and hearing his thoughtful voice was a more powerful and memorable experience than I could have imagined…thank you AD! I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

The photos in today’s post are from the July 2012 issue of AD and feature a glorious 3,200 square foot apartment in downtown Manhattan overlooking the Hudson River…designer Vicente Wolf worked closely with his clients to create a space that is both luxurious and minimal ~ custom-made sofas, upholstered in a VW Home mohair, mingle with a pair of 18th century Chinese horseshoe-back armchairs…a soothing palette of gray, beige and taupe unify the space and echo the natural hues of sky and water…floating arrangements of seating create a sense of openness and calm…worn textures play with pristine new finishes…

Wolf’s masterful approach transformed this high rise apartment into a one-of-a-kind oasis…balanced, beautiful, inviting and luxurious, it embodies all that his clients hoped for and so much more…please enjoy!

photography by Pieter Estersohn for AD

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