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the art of editing…

chefs, composers, architects, poets, filmmakers, designers, painters…

all who create, edit…it is an integral part of the artistic process…

sometimes it is the silent pause or the blank space that creates a masterpiece

above ~ Antony Todd

above ~ Betsy Brown

above ~ Charles Spada

above ~ C|S Architecture

above ~ Darryl Carter

above ~ Haynes-Roberts

above ~ Henrik Busk

above ~ John Minshaw

above ~ Kara Mann

above ~ Mar Silver

above ~ Meichi Peng

above ~ Stephen Sills

above ~ Steven Volpe

above ~ Studio Ko

above ~ Vicente Wolf

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betsy brown interiors

I leave you this week with some awe-inspiring interiors from Alabama based designer Betsy Brown…may you find much pleasure from her artistry, ingenuity, and thoughtful eye…wishing you a happy weekend

“A well suited home is a portrait of those who live within. The palette colored by life’s experiences, a graceful segue from solitude to public life. It is a place where one feels effortless alone or in the company of friends. Such a home is our aim. Its creation begins with inquiry into the patterns of daily living, understanding what is nurturing, stimulating, calming-what feels like home. It requires inspection of cherished objects, and introspection into cherished experiences. We observe and absorb what is abundant and appropriate, and attend to what is lacking. We expand upon the authentic and delete the superfluous. Modernist sensibilities form the foundation while antiquities inform and balance, providing a delicate tension and subtle energy. The result is a home that genuinely reflects one’s true nature. A home that feels like a home.” ~ Betsy Brown

photos from Betsy Brown 

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Happy day…cool morning breezes, a hot cup of tea and the September issue of House Beautiful…I have been crazed with rehearsals and performances lately so I relish my quiet time, especially when it comes on such a gorgeous day…the tag line for the September House Beautiful is “the Art of Color” and they deliver with bold, vibrant interiors but the stand out for me is Betsy Brown‘s “Tone on Tone” design for an 1855 Greek Revival plantation house in Possum Bend, Alabama…rich with texture, this neutral palette allows the art and furniture to take center stage…when asked why she loves neutrals so much, the designer replied, ” What I really love are objects, and neutrals offer a non-competing stage for them. For me, objects are the compelling drama in any house. But neutrals are also undemanding in a deep kind of way: a room that looks like it was effortless to create is so much easier to relax in, and neutrals look easy to pull off even if they’re not.”

The photos in today’s post feature this brilliantly designed Alabama home but interestingly they are not the images used for the House Beautiful spread…I discovered these photos on Betsy Brown’s website! I want you to have a chance to enjoy the article and interiors as I did this morning…my hope is that they enhance your experience and whet your appetite for more (plus, the styling and furniture placement for HB is very different!)…please enjoy!

photos from Betsy Brown

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