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living with statuary…from grand to petite, these sculpted forms add drama, sophistication and texture to our interior world…more tomorrow…

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Coorengel & Calvagrac

Dennis & Lean

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If yesterday’s post was the amuse-bouche, then today is the entree, full of gourmet flavors and colors that promise to satisfy your appetite. Well, that’s how I feel when I experience these images of Michael Coorengel and Jean Pierre Calvagrac‘s gorgeous Paris home; a spacious apartment located on the fifth floor of a 19th century Hausmann building overlooking the Place de la Bastille. “The moment you walk through the front door you feel cocooned in a blanket of comfort and warmth. It’s such a pleasure to wander from room to room soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the colors,” explains Michael. The entry hall is a striking shade of purple strategically followed by the oval drawing room’s white walls, purposefully cleansing the palette and resting the eye. Next, the salon boasts a glorious shade of blue followed by an intimate terra cotta sitting room and for the grand finale, their ultra chic and dramatic black bedroom. What a fulfilling journey for the senses. Their home is an extraordinary study in balance and harmony from their bold use of color to their exquisite furnishings and found objects. I’m so thrilled to share with you this inspiring home, filled with imagination and bursting with creativity.

above and below, House and Garden

“In each room the bold color of the walls gives the key, like a musical note, that holds together objects outlandishly disparate in their stories and shapes.” ~ G. Y. Dryansky for House and Garden

below, Romantic Homes magazine

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Destiny brought them together veiled under a different guise. Many years ago, Michael Coorengel and Jean Pierre Calvagrac met as law students but quickly discovered they had a mutual passion for interiors and all things beautiful. Their story is a heart warming happy ending; they now share a home in Paris and run a highly successful interior design business. Drawing inspiration from their diverse interests and life experiences, they create sophisticated interiors drenched in theatrical drama and romance. Every image gives me goosebumps…enjoy this intimate journey to Paris!

above and below, French home

“We have a funny background…Jean-Pierre grew up in big old houses with old French furniture. He never even sat on a sofa until he was 18, I think, and then he just dived into everything modern. But I was raised with everything white and modern and Danish, so when I got out I went for red and gold and velvet and baroque.” ~ Michael Coorengel, from an interview with House and Garden

below, Paris home

photos from Coorengel & Calvagrac

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