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On the heels of yesterday’s post, I thought we would continue our journey to New Hope, PA and visit the cover story from the June 2012 Elle Decor…designer Darryl Carter collaborated with his client and longtime friend David Morey on this 4,000 square foot home just steps from the Delaware River…built in the 1940s with local stone on a turn-of-the-century foundation, the light filled, airy home boasts glorious views from almost every room…after devouring the article multiple times, what I found most extraordinary about this project was the way Carter re-imagined his clients’ family treasures…he created new works of art from beloved personal pieces by infusing a bit of modernity with tradition…take for example the coffee table in the living room (pictured below)…the Nakashima inspired cherry table, built by Morey’s father in the early 1960s, was enhanced by a Carter designed white metal structure…wrapped on three sides, it brings this family heirloom into the 21st century…how wonderful to see such an artful approach to preserving the past yet with a thoughtful eye to the present

Perfect for a quiet weekend get-away or for entertaining large crowds, this home brings to life all that Morey hoped for…a Zen life by the river…how extraordinary!

To read the entire ED article, click here

above ~ Homeowner David Morey in front of artwork created from salvaged metal skids

photos and resources from Elle Decor

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His favorite country pleasure is listening to the sound of raindrops on the metal roof…here, he can relax and read…be with his beloved dogs…decompress…

Located just 50 miles from the hustle and bustle of Washington DC, designer Darryl Carter discovered this charming┬ácountry retreat…an 1840s stucco-and-clapboard farmhouse nestled in the rolling hills and horse farms of bucolic Fauquier County…gently restored to reveal its humble origins, the beautiful imperfections are what make this home sing…rough walls, creaky old doors, and an absence of fanciful moldings result in a textured and tactile environment…in fact, one section of wall in the master bath was purposefully left unfinished, the underlaying lath exposed as art…ceilings, walls and floors are painted in Benjamin Moore whites, a uniform backdrop for his treasured architectural salvage, English and Italian antiques, and rustic curiosities…

A farmhouse getaway as only Darryl Carter could envision…imperfection = perfection

photos from Elle Decor, to read the ED article click here

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He loves old doors, shutters, bricks, and stones…in his capable hands, these found objects, with a past and a story, become art…to re-invent a humble throw away as sculpture is as comfortable for him as breathing in and out…the visionary? The one and only Darryl Carter…he pushes the boundaries of design in ways that wake up the senses and inspire new thinking…it seems fitting then that he would look to a crumbling building in the Shaw neighborhood of Northwest Washington DC to further his vision…it is the site for his new store and studio…a forlorn 19th century structure with missing windows and no working plumbing would scare most people away but for Darryl, it embodied the magic he was looking for…he encouraged the crew to, “do the opposite of what everyone else is doing…leave the nails in the boards!” The interior is being restored with a collection of salvaged materials, including granite blocks from Baltimore’s Druid Hill and arched glass doors from Georgetown’s Dumbarton House…the flooring is being milled from reclaimed timbers from the former embassy of the Central African Republic…slated for completion this fall, the shop will sell antiques, curiosities and accessories as well as furniture designed by Darryl himself…he envisions “a neighborhood gathering place” where customers can sip a latte from the espresso bar while shopping for unique finds…how wonderful! He’s giving this building new life, and to think, he’s using found objects to do it! I’ll keep you posted with the progress and if all goes as planned, I’ll be heading down to photograph the grand opening of this extraordinary re-birth in person!

above ~ Darryl Carter’s living room (notice the glorious wooden shutters)

below ~ a work in progress

top photo from Darryl Carter, all other photos from The Washington Post

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darryl carter inspired

fresh interiors and thoughtful words of wisdom…may you be darryl carter inspired

“Design with bold strokes using a few well-chosen pieces of furniture and art. If every inch of a room is covered with wallpaper, draperies, tassels, and other furnishings, single objects lose their interest and importance. Spare environments are challenging as they are less visually forgiving and lack superfluous distractions. You must be particular and confident in your choices.” ~ DC

“When buying furniture, be thoughtful and disciplined. Choose fewer pieces of greater quality and interest. You should first go looking, not shopping. If something flirts with you, trust that you will later find something that seduces you; discover what uniformly appeals to you before making any purchases. While an object or a furniture piece may be beautiful standing alone, imagine it keeping company with other furniture pieces as you see the room evolving. You will discover that certain styles or periods appeal to you.” ~ DC

“Part of creating interesting and unique environments is juxtaposing furniture pieces and objects that have no obvious relationship to one another but that simultaneously counterbalance one another.” ~ DC

“A room is complete when you are called to it for respite. If, while still stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on your drive home from a long workday, you see relief ahead in the form of a chair in a particular room, perhaps with a good book or a glass of wine, you have finished.” ~ DC

photos from Darryl Carter, quotes from The New Traditional by Darryl Carter

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the art of editing…

chefs, composers, architects, poets, filmmakers, designers, painters…

all who create, edit…it is an integral part of the artistic process…

sometimes it is the silent pause or the blank space that creates a masterpiece

above ~ Antony Todd

above ~ Betsy Brown

above ~ Charles Spada

above ~ C|S Architecture

above ~ Darryl Carter

above ~ Haynes-Roberts

above ~ Henrik Busk

above ~ John Minshaw

above ~ Kara Mann

above ~ Mar Silver

above ~ Meichi Peng

above ~ Stephen Sills

above ~ Steven Volpe

above ~ Studio Ko

above ~ Vicente Wolf

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artful editing, earthy neutrals, natural linens, effortless sophistication…

photos from Darryl Carter

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above, Kara Mann

Today’s post features fifteen of my favorite interiors…they are memorable for many reasons but today, they have one common thread…their artful use of photography…in each space, the designer thoughtfully incorporates photography into the environment…some with a bold gesture, (as with the Kara Mann designed dining room above) others with a small gem, that bring you closer for a more intimate look…whether a virtuosic solo or a large symphonic grouping, these interiors lovingly highlight the beauty of photography…

below, Steven Volpe

below, Windsor Smith

below, Vicente Wolf

below, Steven Gambrel

below, Darryl Carter

below, Thomas O’Brien

below, Meichi Peng

below, Susan Chalom

below, Richard Avedon

below, Todd Romano

below, Jacques Grange

below, Antony Todd

below, John Chrestia

below, Thom Filicia

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