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Whether you love them for their grace and beauty or for their unwavering loyalty, dogs are truly a man’s (or woman’s) best friend…here is a sampling of some of my favorite designers with the love’s of their life

Bobby McAlpine with his Greyhound Joe

Darryl Carter with his German Shorthaired Pointer Otis

Robert Couturier with his Shih Tzus Henriette and Chuck

Alfredo Paredes’ Labrador Retriever Sid

Tara Shaw with her Whippet Jack

John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross with their Great Dane Cooper

Grant K. Gibson with one of his two Westies

Todd Romano’s miniature dachshund Bunny

Stephen Shubel’s Papillon Coco

Nate Berkus with his Border Collies Henry and Emma

Fitzhugh Karol with Olive

Yves Saint Laurent with his Chihuahua

Michael S. Smith’s Wheaton Terriers Chubbs and Shortcake

Greet Lefevre with Mango! (ok, not her dog Ralph but most definitely a huge love of her life!)

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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” ~ Charles W. Eliot

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Hallberg & Wisely


J. Randall Powers

Jacques Grange

James Huniford

John Minshaw

John Saladino

Juan Pablo Molyneux

Kara Mann

Karin Blake

Lars Bolander

Lauren Gold

Luis Bustamante

Magnus Lundgren

Mary McDonald

Meichi Peng

Michael Smith

Michele Bonan

Miles Redd

Nina Griscom

Richard Shapiro

Robert Couturier

Sheila Harley

Steven Volpe

Suzanne Rheinstein

Ted Tuttle

Thomas Jayne

Thomas O’Brien

Tricia Huntley

Vicente Wolf

William Frawley

Windsor Smith

Yves Saint Laurent

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When I come across an interior that successfully fuses modern with classic, I immediately take note…it’s not just the act of placing a modern piece of art in a classic setting, it’s the careful attention to every detail in the space…why is this Michael Smith designed dining room so successful? I have been asking myself that question and studying the details to learn more about the genius behind the mix…for me, it all begins with the boiserie…a dramatic neoclassical statement that sets the tone for the room…next his thoughtful placement of the Brice Marden painting titled Glyphs…if you look carefully, you can see that its backdrop is a mirror…not only does this reflect light but it acts as an unexpected frame for the piece (I also love his play of textures ~ a brilliant layering of matte and shine)…next, the placement of an upholstered sofa under the painting creates a sense of intimacy and encourages comfortable conversation (a nice departure from the traditional chairs around the dining table!)…continue along the back wall, and you can’t help but notice the exquisite pair of 18th century French commodes…again a formal statement but he turns up the volume with the gorgeous crystal and iron table lamps by Parisian artist Christophe Come (additional photos below)…how magnificent! They are a key ingredient in his mastery of the mix…their minimal form is simply perfect atop the decorative antique commodes…somehow the beauty of each piece transcends…

above, photo from Architectural Digest ~ below, photos from Christophe Come

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Yesterday’s post, featuring Michael Smith‘s latest masterpiece, inspired me to research the firm responsible for the breathtakingly beautiful boiserie in the dining room and the exacting reproduction of 18th century Chinese lacquer panels in the study (both pictured below). Founded in 1875, the French firm Feau & Cie craft and restore large scale decorative woodwork in the pure French 18th century style. Known worldwide for their extensive collection of historical documents and examples of decorative woodwork, their projects include collaborations with outstanding architects and designers from New York to Tokyo. Their attention to detail is truly unimaginable…enjoy!

below, photos and resources from Architectural Digest, photography by Pieter Estersohn

below, the dining room of a Michael Smith designed Manhattan home ~ Feau & Cie, the renowned French paneling specialists, replicated icing white 18th century style boiserie they had originally made for Maison Jansen in the 1960s.

below, the study of a Michael Smith designed Manhattan home ~ inspired by Coco Chanel’s famous Paris apartment, Smith and his clients discovered 18th century Chinese lacquer panels similar to Chanel’s Coromandel screens on one of their shopping trips and had Feau & Cie reproduce two more to match.

below, photos and resources from Feau & Cie, reconstruction of original Empire decorative wood work

below, creation of an Empire Room

below, creation of a Neoclassical room

below, creation of a Louis XVI style room

below, detail of very finely carved oak decorative paneling from the Regency period, painted white and gold, the motifs represent the Fables of La Fontaine

below, panel for over a door, extremely rare Louis XVI decorative woodwork, La Berrain style

below, spectacular portal from the 17th century

below, detail of the pediment of a decorative paneling carved and gilded on a white background, from the Louis XVI period

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If you don’t already own the March 2011 issue of Architectural Digest, you may find yourself running to the closest news stand after you read today’s post! The piece de resistance, a Manhattan “Versailles in the Sky” designed by the ever stylish and impeccable Michael Smith. In my opinion, this is one of the most spectacular homes ever to grace the pages of AD. At first glance, I let the images speak to me, careful not to uncover the details until after I had a chance to absorb its essence. There’s something decadent and intimate about living with the images first. A sort of love a first sight, with nothing but its beauty to draw you in. I can say, without hesitation, this home was love at first sight for me, and the more I discovered about Michael Smith and his longtime clients, the more I fell in love. The apartment sits high above Central Park and offers stunning views from every direction. Smith describes the home as “Versailles in the Sky,” and explains, “I wanted the apartment to have a strict neoclassical look, but I couldn’t divorce myself from the reality that it’s in a high rise building.” The designer drew inspiration from his clients extensive collection of fine art and antiques but strategically paired them with masterful pieces from 18th century France. His palette of pearl-gray, cream, white and pale lavender echos the soft colors of the sky and lay an ethereal foundation for the embellished furnishings and beloved art. Absolutely magical…

below, the library lined in antique and reproduction 18th century Chinese lacquer panels (inspired by Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment)

below, the dining alcove with a parquet de Versailles floor covered in hammered German silver

below, the dining room with exceptional boiserie by Feau & Cie, Louis XVI fauteuils, 18th century French commodes and table lamps by Christophe Come

below, the guest sitting room, 18th century German gilt wood mirror, Louis XVI mahogany daybed covered Le Havre fabric

below, the wife’s dressing room, gold-leaf walls by Nancy Lorenz

below, the husband’s bath, etagere by Jean de Merry

below, the guest bath in Asher marble by Ann Sacks

photos and resources from Architectural Digest, photography by Pieter Estersohn

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Last night, the Hollywood elite enjoyed a few quiet moments in the Architectural Digest greenroom designed by the one and only Michael Smith. His creative vision was to design a luxurious library outfitted with sumptuous fabrics, finishes, art, and even some of his own books. He wanted the stars to feel relaxed and at home in the space. To re-imagine a greenroom as a library retreat is pure genius. From the glorious wood paneling to the Samsung flatscreens, this space embodies the beauty of old Hollywood but embraces the technology of today…

The result, a gold gilded masterpiece, fit for the world’s most glamorous stars

“Having worked for a lot of actors and people in the movie business, there’s something so comforting and kind of cozy about a library, about a paneled room, and I felt that at the Academy Awards, where there’s so much bustle and activity going on, and so much energy in the air, I felt like a library would be a great retreat to collect your thoughts before you go out and have to be on screen for millions and possibly billions of people.” ~ Michael Smith from a video interview for Architectural Digest

Resources from Architectural Digest

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It is my sister Karen’s birthday today! To celebrate, I’m posting interiors from her favorite designers ~ Robert Couturier, Michael Smith and Bunny Williams! I’d like to think of this as her birthday card and a most heartfelt thank you for all her love and support. She is truly the definition of “a thoughtful eye”…artist, textile designer, innovator, historian, humanitarian…my inspiration…my sister

Happy Birthday!

below, Robert Couturier, Town House, New York

below, Michael Smith, Town Home, Eaton Square

below, Bunny Williams, Country Retreat

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