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To wrap up our Million Dollar Decorators week, let’s visit with the globe-trotting L.A. designer Nathan Turner…in addition to running a highly successful interior design firm, Nathan is the creative visionary and buyer for Nathan Turner Antiques, a beloved L.A. destination where he sells his eclectic finds from all over the world…you may have noticed his fellow designers on MDD shopping in his store for client projects! What fun! Fortunately, for those of us living a long distance from L.A., Nathan has a storefront on 1st dibs…I think we can all agree, nothing compares to the feeling you get when you walk into a perfectly styled store filled with beautiful things…the ideas and inspirations are endless…but until then, we can explore his worldly finds and study his educated eye with the magic of 1st dibs

Nathan describes his style as a mix of traditional and bohemian and is passionate about using color in his interiors…I love this NT quote from a recent interview with HGTV, “I find inspiration all over the place. I constantly carry a camera with me because inspiration can come literally from the color on the side of a building. I’m also insanely inspired by food and all things in the food industry. I enjoy cooking and the entire process of creating a meal, going out to eat or shopping for food.” This idea of finding design inspiration from the food we eat or from the color of a building is what “a thoughtful eye” is all about…opening our eyes to all the beauty that surrounds us…thank you Nathan for this little gem

The images in today’s post are some of my favorites from his portfolio…I adore the framed groupings and his effortless splashes of color…as they say on Million Dollar Decorators, “delicious!”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

photos from Nathan Turner

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