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I have a busy weekend with concerts today and tomorrow but I didn’t want to leave you without a little design inspiration. The header photo for “a thoughtful eye” features my beloved rhino. I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo that didn’t make it to the header but that I like very much ~ two of my favorite books, along with my photo from Paris of a Botero sculpture on the Champs-Elysees.

below, I included an image of the iconic Nymphenburg Rhino next to my Rhino by ideaco. Reminds me of the old Met Home feature, “High/Low!”

left: Nymphenburg Porcelain rhino $3,479 by Peter Anton von Verschaffelt

right: Ideaco & Associates Resin rhino $45 by Ichiro Haba and Yoko Hiraguchi

photo fromĀ chicago home mag

below, Nate Berkus interior with his signature Nymphenburg Rhino on the mantle

below, bronze rhino desk by Francois Xavier and Claude Lalanne ~ photos from marinni.livejournal.com

below, Rambling Robbie Jr. by Cardboard Safari ~ photos from notcot.com



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