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Last May, Knoll Luxe, a luxury textile division of the highly acclaimed furniture company Knoll Inc., invited Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the creative duo behind Rodarte, to design a line of textiles…the collection’s eight fabrics, three for drapery and five for upholstery, are named after the sisters favorite poets…Byron, pictured above and below, has a wonderful earthy texture…maybe it’s referencing the luscious curves and grooves of sand at low tide or could it be the natural waves found on the trunk of a majestic tree…like with their fashion collections, the textiles are a unique mix of rough and delicate, masculine and feminine, primitive and futuristic…simply beautiful!

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“Fabrics always take on a life of their own for us. We’re constantly reworking our fabrics and are very open to how things are created. When Dorothy Cosonas (Knoll Textile’s creative director) asked us to collaborate, we were really excited to be able to focus so intensely on the design of the textiles themselves. We didn’t feel one constraint during the design process and we thought a lot about how the different textiles could be combined in an interior in the same way we combine different fabrics and treatments in one dress.” ~ Kate and Laura Mulleavy from an interview with T Magazine

photos from otto, racked, and T Magazine

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The golden hour…that remarkable time of day when the warm rays of the sun embrace even the humblest objects…the world comes to life with an angelic glow only natures light can create…this was the inspiration for sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy as they designed their fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection for Rodarte…loose organic hair, sunset inspired makeup and textiles that embody the changing light of day…my favorite is the dress pictured below…the draping is so effortless and elegant…I find so much inspiration in their palette and form…please enjoy

to view a video of the runway show, designed by Alexandre de Betak, click here

photos from fashionologie

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Today’s post features the remarkable design duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy….they are the creative team behind Rodarte, the highly acclaimed fashion house founded in 2005…these incredible pieces are from their Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection…my favorite is pictured below, an almost I Claudius moment of cream and caramel mosaic tiles…I love the loose drape over the shoulders and the cummberbund like waistline…which artful creation is your favorite?

photos from Rodarte (except for the I Claudius photo!)

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Yesterday I posted about Alexandre de Betak‘s magical home in Majorca…I was so moved by his ingenuity and design aesthetic that I immediately began researching his life and his work…what I discovered is a man passionate about all things beautiful, theatrical and innovative…he is the creative visionary responsible for all that goes into producing a successful runway show, event or installation (clients include Dior, Donna Karan and Michael Kors just to name a few)…from choosing the venue to perfecting the lighting, there are a million and one details that go into one show…he has been called “The Fellini of Fashion” and rightfully so…his vision is so broad and his talents are so universal, I am just blown away by what he has been able to create…I can only imagine what the future holds for Alexandre de Betak…the sky’s the limit!

The artful photos in today’s post are from an installation Alexandre de Betak created for Rodarte: States of Matter…the show is currently at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and features pieces designed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte from their Spring 2010, Fall 2010 and Fall 2008 runway collections as well as original ballet costumes for the film Black Swan…”installed is a series of interrelated conceptual vignettes, both static and in motion, the installation portrays garments as charged sculptural objects”

for more info about the show click here and to follow Alexandre, click here to access his blog Bureau Betak

photos from Rodarte

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