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It’s a dark rainy Friday in the Northeast so to lift my spirits I thought I’d post about something colorful, vibrant and full of life! The story of Marie Antoinette, brilliantly re-imagined by writer and director Sofia Coppola, is one of my favorite films! Her impressionistic view of the young teen thrown into a life of extreme expectations and opulence is both visually stunning and refreshingly modern. Sofia bravely contrasts the etiquette and excess of Versailles with bright colors and bold music. The result, a period film for the 21st century! I happen to love the idea of history with a modern twist! I applaud Sofia for her courageous choices and innovative approach to filmmaking. She has a special gift for story telling and a thoughtful eye for detail. The beauty of Versailles is breathtaking as are the lavish sets and costumes. Tres belle!

below, Sofia Coppola with Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoniette

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