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Art…whether it lifts us out of a dark mood or plunges us deep into a contemplative moment, art has the power to make us feel…at this year’s Dining by Design, I found myself reeling with divergent emotions…every installation, every collaboration, brought forth a unique and honest message…whether playful or edgy, I felt something extraordinary…and I couldn’t help but think, this art was created for such an incredible cause…countless numbers of volunteers, designers, architects, sponsors, board members, students, mentors, and the list goes on and on, all united in the fight against HIV/AIDS…of the 40 remarkable installations, I selected 17 to feature in today’s post…while some were designed by industry leaders, others were the tireless work, and vision, of student design teams…from Ralph Lauren to NYU, these designers brought thoughtful innovation and boundless energy to their craft…a seamless and fitting reflection of what DIFFA brings to their ongoing mission every day…I couldn’t be more proud and honored to share this post with you.

DIFFA = Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids





Rachel Laxer Interiors with Robert Kuo

The Marie Antoinette/Alice in Wonderful wall treatment is an enlarged reproduction of an original painting titled “Calamity” by artist Ray Cesar. The copper repousse root table and stools as well as the life size sheep sculptures are all designed by Robert Kuo.


Interior Design magazine, designed by Ali Tayar




Parsons The New School for Design, Mentor: 2Michaels

Inspiration Statement: ALL ENCOMPASSING: Creating an environment of transformation and change of topography, of connections, of life, translating an ebb and flow of material and light as memory in a space.



Arteriors, designed by Barry Dixon



Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors LLC



Ralph Lauren Home



Echo Design




Marc Blackwell New York


Fabricut, designed by Vern Yip



The New York Times, designed by Frette



Kravet, designed by Aerin Lauder



Gensler & Herman Miller ~ MANY HANDS (walls of hershey kisses morphed from purple to silver as the public participated in this interactive display)

It takes many hands to shape a life

The perfect hug

Those laughs with a best friend

That first kiss

It takes many hands to transform a community

That cup of sugar for a neighbor

The shoveled driveway for a friend

Those words of encouragement for a child

We invite you to take a kiss, and join the many

hands it takes to spark positive change.



Profiles, designed by James Magni






Federico Delrosso hosted by Corinthian Capital Groups, LLC




New York University, Mentor: David Rockwell & Barry Richards (over 1000 wire hangers were used to create this sculptural masterpiece)

Inspiration Statement: “Deconstructed Closet” draws its inspiration from subversive icons of solidarity and revolution. A closet is no longer a place of shame, but one of beautiful transformation.


EDG hosted by The Rodger Thomas Collection (LED lights gracefully morphed from purples to pinks and greens to yellows within this portable dining unit)




Benjamin Moore, designed by David Stark (the last photo is from the Cocktails by Design party on Saturday night!)

photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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Last year, spring arrived with 74 degree temperatures, sunny daffodils and birds in song. Today, on spring’s eve, Mother Nature rocked our world with yet another fierce snowy blast, cold winds and maybe a bird or two in song. What a remarkable contrast to the March of 2012…

But when it comes to art and design, here’s hoping the NYC 2013 Architectural Digest Home Design Show remains true to form, delivering innovation, brilliance, and even a touch of fantasy. Last year’s show opened my eyes to a whole new world of creativity. I met inspiring artists from the MADE galleries, filed away thoughtful insights from the AD design seminars, and was blown away by the gorgeous and sustainable furniture made by companies like BDDW and Tucker Robbins, just to name a few…

To whet our appetites, I thought I’d share a sampling of my favorite installations from the NYC 2012 DIFFA’s Dining by Design event (held in conjunction with the AD Show). It was a magical place, uniting art & design all in an effort to provide direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and foster preventive education for those at risk.

 I can’t wait to experience this year’s magic! Hope to see you there!

Architectural Digest Home Design Show ~ March 21 – 24, 2013

Pier 94, 55th Street at Twelfth Avenue, New York City

Resource Furniture

New York School of Interior Design

Herman Miller

Benjamin Moore

Neiman Marcus

David Ling

Slade Architecture

Ali Tayar with Jones Falls Furniture Company, Custom Digital Printing by Wolf-Gordon

New York Times


photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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In just a few hours, the creme de la creme of the design world will unite at Pier 94 in NYC to experience the wonder and beauty of DIFFA’s Dining by Design…the Gala begins at 6:30 with EFFEN Vodka Cocktails and La Crema wines followed by an elegant seated VIP dinner, dancing and a luxurious silent auction…the seated dinner will take place at these magnificent tables designed by leaders in the industry as well as prominent schools in the NY area…I had the privilege and honor of being invited to the media walk through on Thursday afternoon which allowed me full access to the event before it opened to the public…let me just say I was on cloud nine! Innovation, imagination, art and technology all united in the name of design…I hope my photographs transport you to that world of magic and fantasy…please enjoy!

Resource Furniture

New York School of Interior Design

Pratt Institute

Mark Cunningham hosted by Alfredo Paredes

Fashion Institute of Technology

Merchandise Mart Properties

Herman Miller

RDYC Interior Design & Architectural Development

Neiman Marcus

David Ling

Shawn Henderson Interior Design

Slade Architecture

Marchesa for Lenox

Ali Tayar with Jones Falls Furniture Company, Custom Digital Printing by Wolf-Gordon

New York Times

Design Within Reach

La Crema


Benjamin Moore

Ralph Lauren

Architectural Digest

photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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