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scott shrader 2

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! My days have been filled with some exciting new opportunities and time just seems to be flying by! It’s nice to be back with you today…

Let me start off by saying how much I adore this first image…just perfect in every way…what a beautiful and unexpected collection of container plantings…living sculpture at its best…the variety of color, texture, form and scale works like magic in this lush outdoor setting…the talent behind this artful beauty? Landscape designer Scott Shrader…his California home is a tutorial on how to live with your surroundings…his home embraces everything I love about interior and exterior design, blending textures and palettes into one cohesive vision…a petite and peaceful gem…what a nice way to start the week

scott shrader 1

above and below ~ photos from Great Gardens in Small Spaces, California Havens published by Rizzoli

scott shrader 3

A 12 foot ficus hedge surrounds the perimeter of the property while the garden is partitioned with two eight-foot hedges, each with a broad opening to allow easy flow within the gardenscott shrader 4

Pairs of seventeenth-century French limestone fence posts mark the garden entrances

scott shrader 5

below ~ photos from Shrader Design

scott shrader 6

Nineteenth-century Guatemalan paving tiles cover the ground in the center garden

scott shrader 7

A water lily pool with a soapstone foundation serves as the base for a bronze statue of Icarus

scott shrader 8

scott shrader 9

scott shrader 12

scott shrader 10

To learn more about this remarkable talent and to see photos of the interior design, pick up the current issue of Veranda (September/October 2013)

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petit perfection

matthew kowles 1

Small spaces…they’re like a living puzzle…each piece needs thoughtful and strategic placement to achieve harmony and beauty…such is the case with this stylish Manhattan studio apartment designed by its homeowner Matthew Kowles, general manager of Charlotte Moss’ interior design firm…brimming with chic details and innovative ideas, this petit nest proves once again that good things do come in small packages! Take for example his ingenious use of 10 wall mounted invisible shelves…careful placement above and on either side of his living room entry provides much needed storage for his beloved collection of books and at the same time offers pleasing visual balance and order…another outstanding space-saving detail is the modern glass table layered atop his grandfather’s wooden desk…when hosting guests, he simply moves the glass table to the center of the room to function as his dining table…brilliant!

Whether you reside in a grand space or a cozy nook, I hope some of these gorgeous images offer you inspiration for your home!

matthew kowles 13

matthew kowles 4

matthew kowles 2

matthew kowles 3

matthew kowles 5

matthew kowles 6

matthew kowles 7

matthew kowles 8

matthew kowles 9

matthew kowles 10

matthew kowles 11

matthew kowles 12

matthew kowles 15

matthew kowles 17

Photography by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine, click here to read the entire article from the Decemeber 2012 issue of Lonny

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