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The first time a Wendy Artin painting took my breath away was in November of 2000. The show titled “Aphrodite”¬†at Gurari Collections in Boston, was a masterful collection of Roman architecture, figures and statues. With what seems like effortless brush strokes, she captures the essence of Rome and it’s timeless beauty. From the textured paper to her brilliant interpretation of light and shadow…it is the perfect marriage of classic and modern. Genius! If you go to her website, Wendy Artin, there is a wonderful video about her life in Rome (a documentary film by Julie Kucaj of Bravo).

“Loose yet delicate landscapes were a liberating challenge, and the trees, domes and walls of Rome endlessly absorbing. With sepia watercolor evaporating in the dazzling Roman sun I tried to perfect the puddle, as masses of parasol pines (Villa Borghese 1995) or as shadows on the statues of the Piazza Navona, my models (Neptunes 1994, 1995). I painted these statues over and over, discovering the beauty of a wet ghost image beneath a crisp wash, how to bleed one edge of the puddle into volume, the way it is to have a brush totally loaded or almost dry, the happy accident of an incidental drop.” ~ Wendy Artin

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