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de gournay wallpaper

above, hand painted de Gournay wallpaper on blue India teapaper

My final bird inspired post features the British company de Gournay, the source for the worlds most beautiful hand painted wallpapers, fabrics and porcelain. It comes as no surprise that top designers like Miles Redd and Kelly Wearstler choose de Gournay papers for their most important interior design projects. I’m especially fond of the Chinoiserie Collection depicting exquisite birds and flowers hand painted in the most gorgeous colors imaginable, using the same techniques as in the 18th century. Please enjoy these breathtaking works of art!

below, hand painted silk panel

below, Kelly Wearstler ~ Askew Design in full custom colours on blue grey dyed silk (Bergdorf Goodman, New York City)

below, Miles Redd ~ photo from Elle Decor

below, Early Views of India Design, Miles Redd ~ photo from Elle Decor

below, photos from de Gournay ~ Portobello in standard design colours on lead grey dyed silk (interior design by Tapet Cafe, Denmark)

below, Portobello Design in full custom monochromatic colours on 22 carat gold gilded silk

below, L’Eden Design in crystal grey colours on scenic paper (Shooting Gallery at Hay market Hotel, Firmdale Hotel Group, London)

below, The Incas Design in crystal grey colours on scenic paper (Estilo Clasico, Spain)

below, Fishes Design in blue pearl colours on real silver gilded silk with pearlescent antique finish

below, Windswept Blossom Design in blossom colours on sterling silver gilded paper with pearlescent antique finish (Giorgetti, Italy)

below, Bamboo Design in argent colours on custom black painted silk

below, views of Italy Design and Eaton Balustrade in Eau Forte Colourway on scenic paper – courtesy of Elle Decor Russia

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cavern wallpaper

above, blackbird, shown in snow

In keeping with the bird and feather theme, today’s post features an innovative design company, Cavern Wallpaper. Founded in 2005 by best friends Carly Margolis and Ophir Tanz, the young design duo mixes nature inspired themes with a retro color palette. Cavern’s modern designs speak to a younger generation of home owners who might be put off by the fuss and formality of traditional papers but who want a pop of personality and whimsy on their white walls. What I find so appealing about the designs is their fresh approach to traditional themes. There are a million wallpapers with bird inspired patterns but few speak with such graphic confidence. I love how the negative space is an equal partner with the pattern. To learn more, click on Cavern Wallpaper

below, plume, shown in fossil

below, migration, shown in london

below, press clippings

below, check out the paper on the right! It is the plume pattern shown here in gold…my favorite!

below, interiors with their most popular blackbird pattern




9921A 11A2 58 Mysterious Photo Designer Wallpaper

I thought you might find this interesting, it is from the Cavern Wallpaper blog ~ “People often ask how Cavern wallpaper is made, and when I say it’s “hand silk screened,” I’m often unsure if they fully understand what that process involves. The basic idea is that a large screen is placed on top of the paper like a stencil: the image has been “cut out” of the screen. Paint is then poured into the screen, and with a squeegee, flattened across the area evenly. The screen is then placed along the paper, matching where the pattern left off, and so on down the line of wallpaper.”

Paint Dripping

Hand Silk Screening in Action

photos from Cavern Wallpaper

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Feathers by Alexander McQueen | Cashmere Wool Rug

above, FEATHERS by Alexander McQueen for The Rug Company

Yesterday, while I was at the hair salon, I came across an article titled “Flight of Fancy” in the 2010 September issue of W Magazine. With birds and feathers still on my mind from yesterday’s post, I was intrigued to read on. To my delight, it was a wonderful story about Alexander McQueen and his designs for The Rug Company! Shortly before he passed away, famed fashion designer Alexander McQueen completed an opulent six piece collection for the Rug Company. Two of his brilliant designs are bird and feather inspired rugs! Below, I’ve included a description about the rug titled “FEATHERS”  from The Rug Company

“The first all cashmere rug The Rug Company has created, the iconic Feathers pattern is taken from the breast and wing feathers of a hawk and reflects Alexander McQueen’s love of patterns found in nature. The subtle grey tones and fine cashmere yarns of this rug together reflect the softness and lightness of the feathers it depicts. This rug is entirely handmade, taking up to eight months to make due to its particularly fine quality. It is unique, and has been crafted by extremely talented weavers using traditional methods.” ~ The Rug Company

below, An Alexander McQueen designed gown ~ notice the gorgeous layering of feathers on the fitted bodice

below, Irina K. in an Alexander McQueen gold-leaf-painted feather coat with gold-embroidered tulle skirt ~ photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

From second left: Tanya D., in a washed-duchesse gown with gold embroidery; Frida Gustavsson, in a satin-duchesse puff-sleeved dress; Raquel Zimmermann, in a jacquard cape with gold embroidery; and Karlie Kloss, in a jacquard origami jacket and trousers ~ photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

I have long admired The Rug Company for its innovative approach to design and high standard of excellence. Their stunning ads always capture my attention! The styling and juxtaposition of elements effortlessly enhances the beauty of each rug. Please enjoy some of my favorite ads from the Rug Company! (maybe we will see an ad with the Alexander McQueen feather rug very soon!)

below, PALAZZO ~ SUZANNE SHARP, Contemporary Collection



Starflower Silk

below, MOSES MOCHA ~ SUZANNE SHARP, Contemporary Collection

Moses Mocha

below, MOHAIR SLATE ~ THE RUG COMPANY, Contemporary Collection

Mohair Slate

below, STUPA SILVER ~ SUZANNE SHARP, Contemporary Collection

Stupa Silver


Tribal Diamond

below, FUNKY ZEBRA ~ DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, Designer Collection

Funky Zebra

below, YEW BLACK ~ SUZANNE SHARP, Contemporary Collection

Yew Black

below, NAUTILUS ~ KELLY WEARSTLER, Designer Collection


below, FLAKE ~ THE RUG COMPANY, Contemporary Collection


below, ZOOM ~ SAM TURNER, Contemporary Collection


below, CATELLA ~ EMILY TODHUNTER, Designer Collection


below, CARMELINA ~ SUZANNE SHARP, Contemporary Collection


below, BERBER ~ THE RUG COMPANY, Contemporary Collection


below, PEBBLES BROWN ~ ALLEGRA HICKS, Designer Collection

Pebbles Brown

below, MARGHERITA ~ MARNI, Designer Collection


below, MADELAINE ~ WILLIAM YEOWARD, Designer Collection


below, BISHOP’S CAPE ~ DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, Designer Collection

Bishops Cape

below, KARSANSUI ~ MICHAEL REEVES, Designer Collection


photos from The Rug Company

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nesting on main

I am very pleased to share with you the 2010 holiday decor at Nesting on Main in Concord center! Sparkling Christmas trees adorned with nature inspired ornaments set the tone for a silver and white winter wonderland! My favorite ornament this year, the vintage cotton birds (pictured above) credited to a Filene’s Store Christmas display from the 1950s. They are in perfect condition and at only $5 each, I just couldn’t resist their vintage charm. 10 of these little lovelies came home with me and will be my inspiration for this years holiday decor. I also purchased a gorgeous set of antique salad servers from Paris (pictured below). The original case is as exquisite as the flatware, green snakeskin leather with a pale blue velvet lining…simply divine!

Please enjoy these photos of Nesting on Main! If you live near Concord MA, I highly recommend a visit to Nesting before Christmas. If you are too far away, I hope these images bring you a few smiles as we celebrate the magic of the holiday season.

photos by danielle boudrot

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windsor smith

The November/December 2010 issue of Rue Magazine features the eclectic talents of LA designer Windsor Smith. Her inspired interiors are a blend of classic details with modern elements for today’s lifestyle. I love how she describes herself ~ “I’m so fortunate. Imagine… a career that beckons me to blend architecture and style with the romance of history…. I can’t think of anything more delicious.”

In an interview with Rue she speaks of her years as a dancer and how it was the perfect education for her eye  ~ “I was a dancer, so I see in lines and forms. I innately understand balance and proportion from years of ballet classes and learning choreography. When you study dance you exercise both sides of the brain as you learn to be able to dance with both sides of your body. You have the daily discipline of reversing all movements and repeating them on both sides so that you do not have a weaker side. You develop an acute sense of balance, and can identify what is not in line by watching your reverse image in the mirror. This is a unique type of exercise on the brain. So you really develop your visual skills to a hyper degree.”

I hope you enjoy the exquisite details of these Windsor Smith interiors as much as I do. The black bathroom absolutely took my breath away! Strong, sophisticated, elegant and timeless…bravo!

photos from Windsor Smith

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happy thanksgiving!

Tastemaker Carolyne Roehm on entertaining ~ “I view entertaining as a creative outlet; a theater set waiting to be designed before the play opens. When the audience arrives, I want them to feel, as they move from cocktails to dinner to after-dinner coffee, as if the production was seamless, effortless and graceful. Entertaining is one of the last rituals left in our modern, hectic, technological, schedule-stressed life that slows us down. A beautifully decorated table is like a wrapped present, an offering to guests, honoring them for coming to your home.”

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with beauty, love, laughter, and joy

photos from Carolyne Roehm

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Thanksgiving is just a day away and who better than Martha Stewart to inspire us with her love of entertaining! I thought I’d share with you her beautiful home, Skylands, on the coast of Maine ~ perfect for large gatherings and relaxed getaways. Nestled on 63 acres of wooded land, blanketed by moss and pine-needles, her home sits high above Seal Harbor on Mount Desert Island. Built by Edsel Ford in 1925, it served as a summer retreat for his family, and many of the original furnishings and family photos still grace the home. I don’t know where Martha Stewart and her family are celebrating Thanksgiving this year but I’m certain it will be stylish, delicious and most definitely “a good thing!”

below, photos from Martha Stewart

below, photos from Martha Stewart ~ fall inspired table settings, perfect for Thanksgiving day!

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With Thanksgiving just two days away, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite kitchens/dining rooms ~ Ina Gartens’ East Hampton barn! Her home had outgrown the film crews and mayhem associated with the production of Barefoot Contessa so a few years ago she decided to build a barn equipped with a dream kitchen fit for testing recipes, writing cookbooks, entertaining and of course filming the show. The newly constructed barn blends beautifully with her historic East Hampton home and gardens. In an interview with hamptons.com Ina explains, “This property used to be part of Mulford Farm so I’m literally the second owner, the Mulfords were the original owners from 1640 until I bought it 15 years ago. Historically there used to be a barn here, so when I built the second house two years ago I always knew that it had to be some kind of barn. I actually tried to find the original barn, but they had moved it to Bridgehampton, so by the time I found it – it had fallen down – so that was that.” Ina collaborated with architect Frank Greenwald and interior designer Robert Stilin to create a stunning Belgian country inspired barn. Ina describes the Belgian influences as earthy and elegant, just like her cooking ~ “If you start with really good-quality ingredients, you don’t need to do much to make food taste great. Funny, I always say this about food, but it applies to interiors as well. Start with good-quality furnishings, and you don’t need to do much to make a house look good.” ~ Ina Garten from an interview with House Beautiful

If I ever have the opportunity to design a home from scratch, this barn will most certainly be at the top of my inspiration list. Functional, beautiful, spacious and intimate, it has it all. I can just imagine it being the perfect space for cooking, entertaining, and enjoying the people you love.

above, the kitchen counter is almost 18 feet long divided by a sink in the middle ~ ample room for Ina and her assistant to work comfortably side by side

above, the candlesticks are by Ted Muehling and are available at E.R. Butler & Co. on Charles Street, Boston

above, the guest room/bedroom serves as a quiet retreat for Ina during filming

photos are from House Beautiful

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nature inspired

With Thanksgiving around the corner, my thoughts are filled with the holidays and the beauty of the season. My favorite shopping destination, for decorative inspiration and one of a kind accessories, is Nesting on Main in Concord center. Every year, owners Wendy and Melissa close the store for a few days in preparation for the day after Thanksgiving. I am so excited to see what they have planned for this year! In anticipation of Friday’s unveiling, I’m posting some photos of Nesting on Main I took this fall along with some nature inspired table settings. Notice the lovely use of feathers, birds nests, eggs and branches! Enjoy!

above and below, photos by me of Nesting on Main

below, make merry events

below, Domino

below, Veranda

below, Country Living

below, Martha Stewart

below, Country Living

below, young house love

below, Frolic!

below, lisa luby ryan

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happy birthday!

Today is my birthday and the first as a blogger! I thought I would share with you some very sweet photos of mimi posing in the sun with her toy sheep. They always make me smile!

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