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swan lake


this afternoon’s snow globe flakes and steel gray water provided the perfect backdrop for a winter swan ballet…I wish you could have been there with me to experience this tranquil dance of snow and nature






photography by danielle boudrot ~ 1/18/14

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Out of the bosom of the Air,
Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken,
Over the woodlands brown and bare,
Over the harvest-fields forsaken,
Silent, and soft, and slow
Descends the snow.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

winter painting 18

Snow Scene at Utica ~ John Henry Twachtman, 1897-1899

winter painting 19

Skofja Loka in the snow ~ Ivan Grohar, 1905

winter painting 13

Snow and Mist ~ John Atkinson Grimshaw

winter painting 1

Winter Landscape ~ Aleksey Savrasov, 1880-1890

winter painting 3

Along the River, Winter ~ John Henry Twachtman, 1887-1888

winter painting 5

View from the Window of Vincent’s Studio in Winter ~ Vincent van Gogh, 1883

winter painting 17

Snow Effect at Veneux ~ Alfred Sisley

winter painting 20

Snow Effect, Giverny ~ Claude Monet, 1892-1893

winter painting 6

The Seine at Bennecourt, Winter ~ Claude Monet, 1893

winter painting 7

Snow Effect: Winter in the Suburbs ~ Georges Seurat, 1882-1883

winter painting 8

Winter in Yerevan ~ Martiros Saryan, 1933

winter painting 9

The Village in Winter ~ Aleksey Savrasov, 1880-1890

winter painting 10

Winter ~ Arkhip Kuindzhi, 1895

winter painting 15

Snow at Louveciennes ~ Alfred Sisley, 1873

winter painting 16

The Moret Bridge and Mills under Snow ~ Alfred Sisley, 1890

winter painting 11

Study for the Banks of Marne in Winter ~ Camille Pissarro

winter painting 12

Roofs under Snow ~ Gustave Caillebotte, 1878

winter painting 14

Boulevard Haussmann in the Snow ~ Gustave Caillebotte, 1879-1881

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Snow, snow and more snow!






photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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the blizzard…

the wind is howling, the snow is drifting and we are ever so happy to be warm and safe inside our cozy house…more photos tomorrow…


photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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winter fun






photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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merry christmas!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

alfred sisley

A Village Street in Winter ~ Alfred Sisley, 1893

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photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” ~ William Blake

Wishing you a joyous weekend!

snow 22

Reindeer, Scandinavia ~ Erika Larsen

snow 1

Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan ~ Kent Shiraishi

snow 31

Emperor Penguin Chicks, Antarctica ~ Frank Kazukaitis

snow 8

Iliamna Volcano, Alaska ~ Michael Melford

snow 25

Polar Bear with Whale Bone, Svalbard ~ Florian Schulz

snow 14

Hverfjall Crater, Iceland ~ Orsolya and Erlend Haarberg

snow 28

Red Squirrel, Poland ~ Dorota Walczak

snow 7

Snake River, Wyoming ~ Michael Melford

snow 20

Snowy Owl ~ James Galletto

snow 5

Sunset, Mount Everest ~ Cory Richards

snow 27

Highland Cattle, Scotland ~ Patrick Kelley

snow 9

Stratus Clouds, Greenland ~ Bryan and Cherry Alexander

snow 19

Crabeater Seal, Antarctica ~ Mary Beth Young

snow 32

River Crossing, Alaska ~ Michael Christopher Brown

snow 26

Grizzly Bear and Cub, Yellowstone ~ Trish Carney

snow 10

Alberta, Canada ~ Dwayne Holmwood

snow 17

Emperor Penguins, Antarctica ~ Dafna Ben Nun

snow 36

Western Breithorn ~ Victor Troyanov

snow 29

Polar Bear and Cub, Svalbard ~ Philip Dien

snow 3

Snowfall, Wyoming

snow 34

Ice Surfer, Lake Michigan ~ Mike Killion

snow 16

Penguins, Antarctica ~ Joshua Holko

snow 37

Mount Rainier, Washington ~ Hudson Henry

snow 30

Arctic Fox ~ Stephen Oachs

snow 12

Rideout Bay, Ontario ~ Lee Anne Carver

snow 24

Grevy’s Zebra, Ohio (at the Wilds, a refuge for rare and endangered species) ~ Matt Eich

snow 35

Alpine Climbers, Aiguille du Midi ~ Thomas Woolrych

snow 21

Horses, Iceland ~ Marketa Kalvachova

snow 4

Western Cwm, Mount Everest ~ Cory Richards

snow 23

Sparring Polar Bears, Svalbard ~ Paul Nicklen

snow 33

Sunset Skiing, Utah ~ Erik Seo

snow 6

North Face, K2 ~ Tommy Heinrich

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the changing seasons

fall to winter…

bare branches prepare for the coming of old man winter…a brisk walk in the cool moist air reveals the glorious scent of pine and a neighbors wood burning fire…favorite wool sweaters and throws take center stage once again…and like old friends, they offer familiar warmth and comfort during this festive time of year…

photos from The Gifts of Life

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Winter came down to our home one night

Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,

And we, we were children once again.

~ Bill Morgan, Jr.

photo by me

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