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the art of editing…

chefs, composers, architects, poets, filmmakers, designers, painters…

all who create, edit…it is an integral part of the artistic process…

sometimes it is the silent pause or the blank space that creates a masterpiece

above ~ Antony Todd

above ~ Betsy Brown

above ~ Charles Spada

above ~ C|S Architecture

above ~ Darryl Carter

above ~ Haynes-Roberts

above ~ Henrik Busk

above ~ John Minshaw

above ~ Kara Mann

above ~ Mar Silver

above ~ Meichi Peng

above ~ Stephen Sills

above ~ Steven Volpe

above ~ Studio Ko

above ~ Vicente Wolf

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mar silver ~ on the water

act two ~ a Mar Silver designed home on the water…

the lines are blurred…when does our interior world become art in and of itself?

architecture in perfect sync with its content…unified they become one statement…a prolific gesture that pleases on every level…is this the future of interior design? a pure coming together of art, objects, furniture and architecture?

photos from Mar Silver Design

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mar silver ~ cross highway

Think of yesterday’s post as a visual overture, a sampling of what’s to come…today is act one ~ an extraordinary Mar Silver designed interior filled with art, texture, and exquisite furnishings…in fact, some of the stand out pieces are her own designs…the round coffee tables, one wood and glass the other wood and steel, are a unique marriage of vintage and modern…artful and timeless, they would compliment any decor…see you tomorrow for act two!

photos from Mar Silver Design

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mar silver

The recent print ad for Mar Silver Design continues to stop me in my tracks (pictured above)…I find myself examining the details over and over….what makes this interior so attractive to me and why? Is it the natural light that instantly warms the room and opens up the space or maybe it’s the charcoal hue of the fireplace and framed art that dances effortlessly with the featherweight walls and upholstery? The large wall mirror is an unexpected element…I’m intrigued by its scale and placement next to the fireplace…it does not provide symmetry, as one would expect, on either side of a fireplace but oddly enough it works beautifully in the space…a reflective surface that is a remarkable art piece in and of itself…all this said, the true success of a room is how it makes you feel…for me, this room evokes calm and warmth…a soothing palette that reflects the natural world, beautiful objects to keep your eye entertained but never overwhelmed and comfortable seating to take it all in…I have a feeling I will continue to be drawn to her print ads…how about you? Have you found yourself pouring over the details of this room like me? I’d love to hear from you!

The rest of the images in today’s post are of a home designed by Mar Silver…it seems that with every project, she keeps her design philosophy close to her heart…”everyone should have a home that relaxes them, renews their spirit, and feeds their soul”

below ~ Plunkett Place designed by Mar Silver

“MAR SILVER. A modern luxury tastemaker, who creates sophisticated, serene and often sexy interiors, Mar loves to play with the senses in her approach to design.¬†Known for her ability to masterfully combine a variety of textures and finishes, a neutral color palette, along with mid-century or modern high-end antiques, Mar brings out the natural, organic energy of a space that ultimately is both well-appointed and well-defined. At the same time, she is respectful of and inspired by nature and loves to bring the outdoors inside whenever possible. The result is a masterful mix of high-end interiors that are stylish and chic, with a twist of the unexpected.” ~ Mar Silver Design

photos from Mar Silver Design

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