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signature moves

AT veranda showhouse 7

A low slung armless sofa anchored by a pair of perfect cubes and sculptural table lamps, natural fiber rugs, splashes of vibrant color and exotic prints, large canvases of modern art, a pair of antique chairs mixed with a mid-century inspired cocktail table…for Veranda’s 2012 Hearst Designer Visions show house, designer Antony Todd created a chic and glamorous loft using his sexy signature moves…familiar forms come to life in this light soaked space, reminding me once again why he is one of my all-time favorite designers…I must applaud Veranda’s Editor-in-Chief Dara Caponigro and Editor-at-Large Carolyn Englefield for selecting Antony to design this NYC show house…his impeccable eye for detail, scale, color and form combined with his effortless sense of style make for the ultimate experience…to learn more about this project, pick up the current issue of Veranda (Jan/Feb 2013) and/or click here to watch a fabulous behind the scenes video featuring Antony’s lovely Australian accent! Happy weekend!

AT veranda showhouse 16

AT veranda showhouse 8

AT veranda showhouse 5

AT veranda showhouse 4

AT veranda showhouse 6

AT veranda showhouse 14

AT veranda showhouse 1

AT veranda showhouse 9

AT veranda showhouse 3

AT veranda showhouse 2

photography by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda and Jennifer Mehditash for Dec-a-Porter

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merry christmas!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

alfred sisley

A Village Street in Winter ~ Alfred Sisley, 1893

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photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” ~ William Blake

Wishing you a joyous weekend!

snow 22

Reindeer, Scandinavia ~ Erika Larsen

snow 1

Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan ~ Kent Shiraishi

snow 31

Emperor Penguin Chicks, Antarctica ~ Frank Kazukaitis

snow 8

Iliamna Volcano, Alaska ~ Michael Melford

snow 25

Polar Bear with Whale Bone, Svalbard ~ Florian Schulz

snow 14

Hverfjall Crater, Iceland ~ Orsolya and Erlend Haarberg

snow 28

Red Squirrel, Poland ~ Dorota Walczak

snow 7

Snake River, Wyoming ~ Michael Melford

snow 20

Snowy Owl ~ James Galletto

snow 5

Sunset, Mount Everest ~ Cory Richards

snow 27

Highland Cattle, Scotland ~ Patrick Kelley

snow 9

Stratus Clouds, Greenland ~ Bryan and Cherry Alexander

snow 19

Crabeater Seal, Antarctica ~ Mary Beth Young

snow 32

River Crossing, Alaska ~ Michael Christopher Brown

snow 26

Grizzly Bear and Cub, Yellowstone ~ Trish Carney

snow 10

Alberta, Canada ~ Dwayne Holmwood

snow 17

Emperor Penguins, Antarctica ~ Dafna Ben Nun

snow 36

Western Breithorn ~ Victor Troyanov

snow 29

Polar Bear and Cub, Svalbard ~ Philip Dien

snow 3

Snowfall, Wyoming

snow 34

Ice Surfer, Lake Michigan ~ Mike Killion

snow 16

Penguins, Antarctica ~ Joshua Holko

snow 37

Mount Rainier, Washington ~ Hudson Henry

snow 30

Arctic Fox ~ Stephen Oachs

snow 12

Rideout Bay, Ontario ~ Lee Anne Carver

snow 24

Grevy’s Zebra, Ohio (at the Wilds, a refuge for rare and endangered species) ~ Matt Eich

snow 35

Alpine Climbers, Aiguille du Midi ~ Thomas Woolrych

snow 21

Horses, Iceland ~ Marketa Kalvachova

snow 4

Western Cwm, Mount Everest ~ Cory Richards

snow 23

Sparring Polar Bears, Svalbard ~ Paul Nicklen

snow 33

Sunset Skiing, Utah ~ Erik Seo

snow 6

North Face, K2 ~ Tommy Heinrich

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petit perfection

matthew kowles 1

Small spaces…they’re like a living puzzle…each piece needs thoughtful and strategic placement to achieve harmony and beauty…such is the case with this stylish Manhattan studio apartment designed by its homeowner Matthew Kowles, general manager of Charlotte Moss’ interior design firm…brimming with chic details and innovative ideas, this petit nest proves once again that good things do come in small packages! Take for example his ingenious use of 10 wall mounted invisible shelves…careful placement above and on either side of his living room entry provides much needed storage for his beloved collection of books and at the same time offers pleasing visual balance and order…another outstanding space-saving detail is the modern glass table layered atop his grandfather’s wooden desk…when hosting guests, he simply moves the glass table to the center of the room to function as his dining table…brilliant!

Whether you reside in a grand space or a cozy nook, I hope some of these gorgeous images offer you inspiration for your home!

matthew kowles 13

matthew kowles 4

matthew kowles 2

matthew kowles 3

matthew kowles 5

matthew kowles 6

matthew kowles 7

matthew kowles 8

matthew kowles 9

matthew kowles 10

matthew kowles 11

matthew kowles 12

matthew kowles 15

matthew kowles 17

Photography by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine, click here to read the entire article from the Decemeber 2012 issue of Lonny

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HW 13

In styling my home for the holidays, I’m finding great inspiration from natural colors and textures…although this gorgeous Hallberg-Wisely designed interior is void of traditional holiday decorations, it does incorporate “green” gestures that, for me, feel fresh, festive and ready for a party! Here’s hoping this artistic gem offers you some new (and natural) ideas as you style your home for the holidays…wishing you a very happy weekend!

HW 4

HW 5

HW 15

HW 8

HW 7

HW 14

HW 11

HW 12

photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Veranda

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“O it is pleasant, with a heart at ease,
Just after sunset, or by moonlight skies,
To make the shifting clouds be what you please.”
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge


photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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