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whether they’re stacked on the floor or alphabetized on ornate custom shelving, books are an essential part of our daily lives…a true reflection of our passions and professions…more tomorrow!

Karl Lagerfeld

Albert Hadley

Alexandre de Betak

Andy Newcom

Bill Blass

Brigitte & Alain Garnier

Bunny Williams

Charles Spada

Christopher Knight and Carlos Aponte

Cristina Azario

David Kleinberg

Dransfield and Ross

Garagnani and Poccianti

Gil Schafer

Greet Lefevre

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living with statuary…from grand to petite, these sculpted forms add drama, sophistication and texture to our interior world…more tomorrow…

Feau & Cie

Andy Newcom

Charles Spada

Coorengel & Calvagrac

Dennis & Lean

Diana Kelly

Gil Schafer

Hallberg & Wisely

Candace Barnes

Richard Hallberg

Windsor Smith


J. Randall Powers

Jacques Grange

Stephen Sills

John Minshaw

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This week, while researching architect Gil Schafer, I happened upon a wonderful discovery…let me preface by saying I’ve been visiting the E.R. Butler & Co. retail showroom, located at 38 Charles Street in the historic Beacon Hill area of downtown Boston, for many years…the artful window displays, flawless cabinetry and breathtaking hardware provide me with an infinite amount of inspiration…the happy revelation? The architect responsible for the creation of this Charles Street gem is Gil Schafer! It all makes perfect sense! E.R. Butler & Co. is a premium quality custom hardware manufacturer of fine architectural, builders’ and cabinermakers’ Early American, Federal, and Georgian period hardware for doors, windows and fine furniture…it’s a match made in heaven!

 To learn more about E.R. Butler & Co., click here

Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with happy revelations!

photos from G. P. Schafer

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“The things one loves about old houses – their sense of history, their time-worn easy comfort, the way they sit on the land with an air of inevitability, their elegant proportions and details…they celebrate craftsmanship and quality, comfort and decoration, natural light and the importance of connecting the rooms inside with the landscapes which surround them…” ~ G. P. Schafer

below ~ stairs

below ~ doors

below ~ fireplaces

below ~ porches

below ~ kitchens and baths

below ~ mouldings and cabinetry

below ~ landscapes

below ~ barns and outbuildings

photos from G. P. Schafer

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gil schafer ~ country home

Today’s post features New York based architect Gil Schafer‘s country home…his passion for Classical American architecture is truly inspiring…I believe his eloquent words say it best…please enjoy

“This newly constructed 3,000 square foot residence and garden is sited on a small knoll between two fields at the base of a steeply wooded property. Drawing from the Greek Revival tradition, the house’s design faithfully honors the farmhouse vernacular of the region while providing a comfortable, contemporary weekend home within a compact plan.”

“Central to the design was the desire to create a house that appeared as if it has “always been there.” This approach extended from the site design developed in collaboration with noted landscape designer Deborah Nevins, to the interior decoration designed in collaboration with New York interior designer Miles Redd. The house’s millwork was detailed using the same pattern books and principles of proportion that would have guided the design of its 19th century antecedents. Reclaimed 150-year-old pine flooring, restoration glass glazing and custom-made mercury glass door hardware also serve to reinforce the interior’s “old house” feeling. This house was the recipient of the first Palladio Award for Outstanding New Residential Construction in 2002.”

To view a fantastic video interview with Gil Schafer, click here…he received the Veranda’s 2010 Art of Design Award in Architecture (a portion of the interview is filmed at this home)

below ~ the living room

below ~ the dining room…notice the “dusty orange” wall color…a favorite of Gil Schafer’s and is used in his Greenwich Village apartment…he likes “how it sets off the artwork and plays against the architecture of the room”

below ~ the kitchen

below ~ the bedroom

below ~ the bathroom

photos from G. P. Schafer

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gil schafer

Recently, I noticed a new monthly feature in Elle Decor titled “Unconventional Wisdom”…for the September 2011 issue, the magazine chose to highlight architect extraordinaire Gil Schafer…a classicist at heart, he shares his words of wisdom with ED about what to look for when buying an older home, and how to approach a successful renovation…he suggests investing in areas that impact your everyday life such as kitchens and bathrooms and talks about incorporating details such as kitchen cabinetry that looks more like furniture…he also recommends re-thinking the floor plan ~ turn a small bedroom into a master bath or an attic into a playroom or den…add doors and enfilades for better flow…his approach is balanced and thoughtful ~ artful preservation of the past with a common sense vision for today’s lifestyle…brilliant!

The images in today’s post are of Gil Schafer’s 1860s Greenwich Village apartment…Schafer collaborated with designer Miles Redd along with a number of talented artisans in plaster work, scagliola, wood graining, furniture making and hardware…the result is absolutely breathtaking…please enjoy this timeless masterpiece!

Renovation is always stressful. But in exchange, you get a little piece of history. I think it’s worth it.” ~ Gil Schafer

photos from G. P. Schafer

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