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I had the privilege of experiencing a William Langson Lathrop painting in person last weekend…its soulful beauty inspired me to take a closer look at the life and work of this remarkable American artist…known for the birth and development of the artists colony that formed along the Delaware River (in Bucks County), Lathrop painted with a deep love for his subject ~ nature…

“As a boy growing up on a farm, Will Lathrop came to know the beauty and mystery of nature firsthand, and the innocent reverence that he felt in those early years never left him. Lathrop was, above all else, a poet. Perhaps what his best paintings convey is the child’s sense of wonder at the divine poetry of the natural world, as well as the intuitive insight that the heart of man and the heart of nature are deeply connected.” ~ Brian H. Peterson, Senior Curator, James A. Michener Art Museum

Gray Day, Montauk, 1938

Bright Afternoon, Keyport, 1935

Untitled (landscape with Figure), 1897

Ely’s Bridge

Chilmark Moore, Martha’s Vineyard

Plowing along the Canal, 1915

Paintings by William Langson Lathrop (1859 – 1938)

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