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the swans

Nature shares with us an infinite number of miracles every day…all we have to do is open our eyes to see them…

The other day I was across the street photographing the most unbelievable sunset…red, orange, purple, pink…the water was as intense as the sky and it just kept getting better and better! I ended up shooting the sunset until the last bits of purple and blue disappeared…just as I turned up the path to go home, a shape in the water caught my eye…I walked a bit closer but still couldn’t identify the subject (also, I didn’t have my glasses on which would have helped with the details!)…I quietly watched as the object floated, no movement, not even a ripple …then, to my amazement, a long white neck emerged from the water and there she was in all her glory, the swan! I was elated to see her! Minutes later her mate arrived and the two were joyously reunited…there was still a little light left in the sky so I took my chances and started photographing the elegant pair…bravely, I approached the edge of the reservoir, hoping to get a bit closer to their beauty…after a minute or two, one of the swans started swimming toward me! I was excited to be closer but feared she may want me to leave! Sure enough, she started hissing at me and I raced up the bank to safety…phewww…camera in hand, I said thank you and bid them farewell

Every fall, generation after generation, the swans come here to mate…on a bright sunny day, like today, I can look out my window and see their white feathers in the deep blue water…I find great comfort in knowing they will be back to nest again and again, for it represents the miracle of life

photos taken by me on 11/10/10

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