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“When you focus on a small detail it can evoke a whole world unto itself.” ~ Gabriella Kiss

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The Winter 2012 issue of The New York Times Style Magazine features a wonderful photo shoot of jewelry designer Gabriella Kiss’s Bangall, N.Y. studio…this cozy setting, filled with her treasured objects of inspiration, proves the ideal creative environment…drawn to the underlying layers in our world, Kiss finds infinite beauty from the unexpected…take for example the delicate bones of a mouse…cast in gold, she transforms its tiny substructure of form and movement into a poetic work of art…what some may think of as grim, she sees as miraculous…

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above ~ Bangall, N.Y. studio, photographs by William Abranowicz for The NY Times Style Magazine

below ~ Gabriella Kiss jewelry designs, photos from E.R. Butler

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This week, while researching architect Gil Schafer, I happened upon a wonderful discovery…let me preface by saying I’ve been visiting the E.R. Butler & Co. retail showroom, located at 38 Charles Street in the historic Beacon Hill area of downtown Boston, for many years…the artful window displays, flawless cabinetry and breathtaking hardware provide me with an infinite amount of inspiration…the happy revelation? The architect responsible for the creation of this Charles Street gem is Gil Schafer! It all makes perfect sense! E.R. Butler & Co. is a premium quality custom hardware manufacturer of fine architectural, builders’ and cabinermakers’ Early American, Federal, and Georgian period hardware for doors, windows and fine furniture…it’s a match made in heaven!

 To learn more about E.R. Butler & Co., click here

Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with happy revelations!

photos from G. P. Schafer

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