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Today’s post explores the depth and beauty of moss green…rich with complex layers of yellow, brown and gray, it is a versatile neutral that compliments almost any other hue…may you be inspired by one of my favorite colors…

Chester Geissler

Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada

Christopher Knight and Carlos Aponte

Gwynn Griffith

Tricia Huntley

Paul Gauguin

Michele Bonan

Kara Mann

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Steven Gambrel

Stephen Sills

Muriel Brandolini

Karen Tusinski

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If I weren’t working tomorrow, I’d head up to Rockport for the opening reception of White Out, a group show at the Tusinski Gallery…the painting pictured above is one of Karen Tusinski’s new paintings for the show titled Poppy White Out…I love this restrained palette of lighter than air blues and greens…lucky for me, the show runs through December! If you live in the Boston area, or if you’re planning a trip here this month, set aside some time to visit her wonderful gallery…and the ocean is just steps away…

Tusinski Gallery, 2 Main Street, Rockport MA

Wishing you a happy weekend!

photos from Karen Tusinski

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karen tusinski

I often ask myself, what is it that draws a person to a piece of art? Is it the color palette? The content? The texture? Of course everyone is unique but for me, I believe it begins with the color palette…if I’m instantly attracted to the color, then I’m more likely to approach the subject with open arms…I can remember the first time I experienced a Karen Tusinski painting, I felt so at home with her palette, as if I was already part of her world…fresh yet so familiar…for me, her work is the perfect balance of color, subject and texture…the everyday object given new life through her eyes and her hands…a metamorphosis of the ordinary to the sublime…

Come spring, I look forward to bringing you a more intimate post about Karen and her inspiring Rockport gallery…for those of you planning a trip to Rockport, make sure you stop by her gallery…you will be awed and amazed by the beauty of her art

Karen Tusinski Gallery, 2 Main Street, Rockport MA

above, Interior with Poppies, 48 x 72

below, White Vessels, 24 x 36

“Karen sees the shapes in our lives that are repeated in endless variations: circles and rectangles, lines that compose a grid. And while the subject of her paintings doesn’t extend to the exotic, the work truly feels expansive – in much the same way that life itself feels when surrounded by the shapes and colors of all those humble objects, with their ability to speak to us, long after each table has been cleared, each vase has been emptied, and each particular bloom in a particular bundle of poppies has faded to dust.” ~ from Karen Tusinski Gallery Blog

below, Pier & Main Poppies, 36 x 48

below, White Poppies, 30 x 30

below, 5 Boats, 30 x 40

below, White Poppies in a Bowl, 24 x 30

below, Orange Bud Flowers, 20 x 20

Original paintings by Karen Tusinski

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