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The November/December 2010 issue of Rue Magazine features the eclectic talents of LA designer Windsor Smith. Her inspired interiors are a blend of classic details with modern elements for today’s lifestyle. I love how she describes herself ~ “I’m so fortunate. Imagine… a career that beckons me to blend architecture and style with the romance of history…. I can’t think of anything more delicious.”

In an interview with Rue she speaks of her years as a dancer and how it was the perfect education for her eye  ~ “I was a dancer, so I see in lines and forms. I innately understand balance and proportion from years of ballet classes and learning choreography. When you study dance you exercise both sides of the brain as you learn to be able to dance with both sides of your body. You have the daily discipline of reversing all movements and repeating them on both sides so that you do not have a weaker side. You develop an acute sense of balance, and can identify what is not in line by watching your reverse image in the mirror. This is a unique type of exercise on the brain. So you really develop your visual skills to a hyper degree.”

I hope you enjoy the exquisite details of these Windsor Smith interiors as much as I do. The black bathroom absolutely took my breath away! Strong, sophisticated, elegant and timeless…bravo!

photos from Windsor Smith

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