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The story behind Formations and Dennis & Lean is as fascinating as the showrooms themselves. Richard Hallberg, Barbara Wisely and Dan Cuevas met in their college cafeteria in the late 1970s; three young design students with dreams of creating their own furniture line and showroom. Happily their united vision became a reality, and in 1986, the stunning showroom Formations opened their doors providing Los Angeles with a seamless assortment of their favorite things: stone mantels and vessels, contemporary iron tables and mirrors, antique accessories, well-patinated reproductions of antique furniture and even their own innovative line of ceramics. But this is only the first act of the happy ending. Distinguished design veterans Jerry Leen and Leo Dennis attended the opening of Formations and bought many items for themselves giving the new showroom their stamp of approval. They quickly became trusted friends and in 1989, just three years after the opening of Formations, Jerry and Leo decided it was time to retire and made arrangements for Formations to purchase their beloved company of 25 years. Now, Formations and Dennis & Lean live harmoniously side by side, providing clients with everything from one of a kind objects to numerous signature pieces manufactured in their Los Angeles workshop, humming with over 150 artisans, woodworkers, finishers and gilders. Their happy ending is one that will stay with me…a partnership filled with passion and creativity, a friendship that has stood the test of time.

above, Veranda April 2008, Dennis & Lean

below, Veranda April 2008, Formations

“Our friendship is what keeps our creative juices going as well as our unending love for beautiful things.” ~ Dan Cuevas

below, Formations

below, Dennis & Lean

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