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today’s post finds its inspiration from this rustic loaf of bread and sculptural white asparagus…rough-hewn wood floors may echo the uneven tone and texture of the bread while a clean-lined white sofa may take its cue from the long lean form of the asparagus…interiors with a complimentary palette and textural content…enjoy!

happy weekend!

wood and white 6

wood and white 10

wood and white 29

wood and white 38

wood and white 2

wood and white 39

wood and white 1

wood and white 35

wood and white 37

wood and white 14

wood and white 34

wood and white 4

wood and white 5

wood and white 11

wood and white 16

wood and white 12

wood and white 15

wood and white 17

wood and white 18

wood and white 19

wood and white 23

wood and white 22

wood and white 26

wood and white 27

wood and white 20

wood and white 28

wood and white 30

wood and white 21

wood and white 31

wood and white 32

wood and white 33

wood and white 36

photos from Lonny Magazine, Veranda, The Gifts of Life via tumblr, Rose Uniacke, Haynes-Roberts, Henrik Busk via skona hem, Alexandre de Betak via T Magazine, Darryl Carter, and Studio Ko

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outdoor rooms 20

Longer days and warmer nights invite us to spend more time outdoors…breakfast in the garden, dinner on the veranda, cocktails under the stars, or perhaps a midnight dip in the pool…may these tranquil and beautiful outdoor rooms sweep you off your feet (and into a comfy hammock or chaise lounge!)

outdoor rooms 27

outdoor rooms 25

outdoor rooms 10

outdoor rooms 16

outdoor rooms 26

outdoor rooms 7

outdoor rooms 12

outdoor rooms 15

outdoor rooms 2

outdoor rooms 14

outdoor rooms 30

outdoor rooms 28

outdoor rooms 29

outdoor rooms 1

outdoor rooms 17

outdoor rooms 21

outdoor rooms 4

outdoor rooms 22

outdoor rooms 13

outdoor rooms 24

outdoor rooms 8

summer 18

summer 7

outdoor rooms 6

outdoor rooms 23

outdoor rooms 18

summer 11

outdoor rooms 3

photos from Elle Decor, Veranda, House Beautiful, Lonny and The Gifts of Life

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petit perfection

matthew kowles 1

Small spaces…they’re like a living puzzle…each piece needs thoughtful and strategic placement to achieve harmony and beauty…such is the case with this stylish Manhattan studio apartment designed by its homeowner Matthew Kowles, general manager of Charlotte Moss’ interior design firm…brimming with chic details and innovative ideas, this petit nest proves once again that good things do come in small packages! Take for example his ingenious use of 10 wall mounted invisible shelves…careful placement above and on either side of his living room entry provides much needed storage for his beloved collection of books and at the same time offers pleasing visual balance and order…another outstanding space-saving detail is the modern glass table layered atop his grandfather’s wooden desk…when hosting guests, he simply moves the glass table to the center of the room to function as his dining table…brilliant!

Whether you reside in a grand space or a cozy nook, I hope some of these gorgeous images offer you inspiration for your home!

matthew kowles 13

matthew kowles 4

matthew kowles 2

matthew kowles 3

matthew kowles 5

matthew kowles 6

matthew kowles 7

matthew kowles 8

matthew kowles 9

matthew kowles 10

matthew kowles 11

matthew kowles 12

matthew kowles 15

matthew kowles 17

Photography by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine, click here to read the entire article from the Decemeber 2012 issue of Lonny

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Hoping these lovely vignettes offer you some artful inspiration as you head down the home stretch! Keep breathing!

photos from Lonny Magazine and The Gifts of Life

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought you might enjoy a post dedicated to beautiful dining rooms…

I adore the relaxed refinement of a humble burlap table cloth mixing with fine china and silver…or the inventive tablescapes featuring purple artichokes and sculptural gourds to reflect the beauty and bounty of the season…too many brilliant ideas to mention! Please enjoy!

photos from Lonny Magazine

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Do you happen to remember this photo (above) from my trip to the Spring 2012 High Point Market? I was thrilled to discover a common thread between this Tozai Home display by Dransfield & Ross and Lonny Magazine’s recent photo shoot of Cherryfields, the creative duo’s sublime Georgian Revival home situated in Somerset County, New Jersey…

My “deja vu” moment? The classical bust, perched on the bottom shelf (above), is artfully re-imagined as a focal point in their magnificent dining room (below)! I LOVE it! The “bust,” along with playful hand-painted gray striped walls, happily co-exists with a white marble Victorian mantelpiece once owned by Hartford Connecticut author Harriet Beecher Stowe…this more relaxed approach to tradition is a breath of fresh air! What could quickly turn stuffy and dated, feels altogether artful and new…too many favorite moments to count!

If you would like to learn more about Cherryfields, click here for the Lonny article or here for my March 2011 post…enjoy!

photography by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine

top photo by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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I leave you this week with an intimate look at Hibiscus Hill, the private home of India Hicks and David Flint Wood…this gorgeous spread hails from Lonny Magazine, September/October 2011, with stunning photography by Patrick Cline…I remember reading this issue and falling head over heels for the pink sofa, graphic pillows and eclectic grouping of art in living room…dark floors paired with an otherwise simple palette allow the space to feel as cool and comfortable as a summer day…found objects from the beach and family photos create beautiful vignettes that are both visually pleasing yet deeply personal…sounds like paradise found…

Wishing you a sunny and happy weekend!

To follow India’s thoughtful and inspiring blog, click here

Top photo from India Hicks, Hibiscus Hill photos from Lonny Magazine

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With an urban palette of black, white and a splash of animal print, J.K. Place in Florence feels more like a stylish home than an exclusive luxury hotel…these gorgeous photos, by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine, highlight owner Ori Kafri’s unique vision and Italian architect Michele Bonan‘s stunning creation…with only 20 rooms, J.K. Place offers their guests an intimate, one of a kind experience…there are so many artful moments to soak in, I would be hard-pressed to leave the hotel for the beauty of Florence!

How about a glass of champagne in one of those wing chairs by the fire! So fabulous!

To read the entire article, click here

above and below ~ the “Pink Room” is the sexier part of the lounge!

above ~ breakfast is served around the dining table in a glass-covered courtyard…simply divine!

photos from Lonny Magazine

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