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above, blackbird, shown in snow

In keeping with the bird and feather theme, today’s post features an innovative design company, Cavern Wallpaper. Founded in 2005 by best friends Carly Margolis and Ophir Tanz, the young design duo mixes nature inspired themes with a retro color palette. Cavern’s modern designs speak to a younger generation of home owners who might be put off by the fuss and formality of traditional papers but who want a pop of personality and whimsy on their white walls. What I find so appealing about the designs is their fresh approach to traditional themes. There are a million wallpapers with bird inspired patterns but few speak with such graphic confidence. I love how the negative space is an equal partner with the pattern. To learn more, click on Cavern Wallpaper

below, plume, shown in fossil

below, migration, shown in london

below, press clippings

below, check out the paper on the right! It is the plume pattern shown here in gold…my favorite!

below, interiors with their most popular blackbird pattern




9921A 11A2 58 Mysterious Photo Designer Wallpaper

I thought you might find this interesting, it is from the Cavern Wallpaper blog ~ “People often ask how Cavern wallpaper is made, and when I say it’s “hand silk screened,” I’m often unsure if they fully understand what that process involves. The basic idea is that a large screen is placed on top of the paper like a stencil: the image has been “cut out” of the screen. Paint is then poured into the screen, and with a squeegee, flattened across the area evenly. The screen is then placed along the paper, matching where the pattern left off, and so on down the line of wallpaper.”

Paint Dripping

Hand Silk Screening in Action

photos from Cavern Wallpaper

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