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Designed by Andrea Filippone for AJF Design, this simple yet structured landscape blends effortlessly with its surroundings…stone walls and paths compliment the greenery allowing the white farmhouse to take center stage…what a beautiful setting for a lazy summer day!

“Andrea J. Filippone is President of AJF Design, an all encompassing design firm that blends Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, and Architecture to create cohesive indoor and outdoor spaces that transcend time and place. Designs consist of the finest European and American elements brought together to create environments that look as though they have always belonged there.¬†All projects are designed utilizing ecologically sound scientific practice to enhance the health and beauty of the environment. The boxwood nursery contains more than 50 cultivars nourished by an organic closed loop composting system and glass greenhouses that are powered by solar voltaic and thermal panels.” ~ AJF Design

photos from AJF Design

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