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Last night, the Hollywood elite enjoyed a few quiet moments in the Architectural Digest greenroom designed by the one and only Michael Smith. His creative vision was to design a luxurious library outfitted with sumptuous fabrics, finishes, art, and even some of his own books.¬†He wanted the stars to feel relaxed and at home in the space. To re-imagine a greenroom as a library retreat is pure genius. From the glorious wood paneling to the Samsung flatscreens, this space embodies the beauty of old Hollywood but embraces the technology of today…

The result, a gold gilded masterpiece, fit for the world’s most glamorous stars

“Having worked for a lot of actors and people in the movie business, there’s something so comforting and kind of cozy about a library, about a paneled room, and I felt that at the Academy Awards, where there’s so much bustle and activity going on, and so much energy in the air, I felt like a library would be a great retreat to collect your thoughts before you go out and have to be on screen for millions and possibly billions of people.” ~ Michael Smith from a video interview for Architectural Digest

Resources from Architectural Digest

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oscar night

above, Best Actress Grace Kelly (The Country Girl) with presenter William Holden at the 27th Academy Awards

With the 83rd Annual Academy Awards just hours away, I thought I would dedicate today’s post to some of my favorite leading ladies…my picks are not necessarily Oscar winners, they are just some of my all time favorite performances from some of my all time favorite films…in trying to come up with my list, I thought about which characters had the greatest impact on me…I can still remember the first time I saw the Wizard of Oz…it was a film that taught me about love, loyalty and friendship…beyond the music and the gorgeous sets was a simple story about a girl growing up…a timeless story with a timeless message…I still cry when she says goodbye to the scarecrow…for me, that scene is cinematic perfection…I will always think of Judy Garland as Dorothy…

Wishing you a wonderful Oscar night…may we share a toast to great films and the stories they have to tell…

below, Judy Garland ~ The Wizard of Oz, 1939

below, Grace Kelly ~ Rear Window, 1954

below, Doris Day ~ Pillow Talk, 1959

below, Audrey Hepburn ~ Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

below, Natalie Wood ~ West Side Story, 1961

below, Mariel Hemingway ~ Manhattan, 1979

below, Helena Bonham Carter ~ Room with a View, 1985

below, Meryl Streep ~ Out of Africa, 1985

below, Emma Thompson and Kate Beckinsale ~ Much Ado About Nothing, 1993

below, Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet ~ Sense and Sensibility, 1995

below, Scarlett Johansson ~ Lost in Translation, 2003

below, Natalie Portman ~ Closer, 2004

below, Keira Knightly ~ Pride and Prejudice, 2005

below, Kirsten Dunst ~ Marie Antoinette, 2006

below, Audrey Tautou ~ Coco Before Chanel, 2009

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photo by danielle boudrot, 2/26/11

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antony todd ~ lucite lantern

Yesterday I posted about the incredibly talented Antony Todd and his inspiring store in Manhattan…I purposefully saved a special treat for today’s post, one of my favorite pieces from the store and the first thing that wowed me when I walked through the front door, the Antony Todd designed lucite lantern…it is truly a masterclass in how to marry the past with the future…the shape echos historic Beacon Hill but his choice of paper thin lucite takes this traditional form into the 21st century…I also love how he balances the extra large scale with lighter than air materials…commanding yet weightless…masculine yet delicate…you always hear people say, it’s the simplest designs that are the most difficult to pull off…simple leaves you with the essence of the design, no smoke and mirrors or ornamentation to throw off your judgement, just pure design…for me, this piece has it all…form, function, balance, innovation, tradition and even a sense of humor…enjoy!

below, photos from 1st dibs

below, photo from Antony Todd

below, photo from New York Times

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above, Pair of 18th century French Fauteuils with Oval Back, France, upholstered in charcoal silk-velvet

Yesterday, while researching Bergeres, I re-discovered Antony Todd’s 1st dibs storefront…much to my delight, there are many new pieces I had not seen before along with some old favorites that brought back wonderful memories of my visit to his Manhattan store, Antony Todd Home

Prior to that unforgettable trip, I poured over his creations, studying the details of his interiors and reflecting on why they speak so strongly to my aesthetic…whether from the pages of Elle Decor or from his own website, I felt connected to his stories and to the expressive photos of his home that would be forever etched in my mind…but nothing could have prepared me for the emotional reaction I had that moment I stepped through the front door of his Manhattan store…maybe it’s because I was finally living what I had deeply admired for so many years…his ideas and his eye fully realized in a tangible environment filled with his spirit and energy…it was an immediate release of awe and excitement mixed with a few uncontrollable tears…from his signature Klismo chairs to the drop dead gorgeous pair of 1920s bronze consoles, I was in heaven…it is an afternoon I will never forget

Today’s post is my way of sharing that moment with you…I realize, all I can offer you are these images and my story, but as you scroll through, try to imagine being there…the smell of a delicious candle, the soft texture of a silk velvet, the intricate beauty of a hand embroidered pillow…his eye for mixing graceful antiques with global treasures is refreshingly modern yet somehow uniquely timeless…I do hope you enjoy this trip to Antony Todd Home! May you be inspired!

below, Pair of 1970s French Oak Ornaments

“To bring something new and original to his event clients, Todd began designing his own furniture and accessories. Now, he scans the globe for chic vintage furniture, altering the finishes, upholstery and proportions to improve their function, comfort and style. The result is a carefully edited lifestyle collection sold exclusively at his New York and Istanbul stores, as well as on 1stdibs.com. The store provides the ideal venue for an ever-evolving display of his much admired personal style. Organized into furnished vignettes, the store defines the aesthetic premise for the Antony Todd lifestyle brand: an affinity for classic forms, whether antique or modern, and large blocks of color, so that the finished result appears timeless.” ~ from the Antony Todd website

below, Pair of Victorian Slipper Chairs, United Kingdom, 19th century, upholstered in black waxed linen

below, Large Vintage Turkish Hand Embroidered Cushion, Turkey, 20th century

below, Pair of 18th century Chinese Imperial Dragon Bowls

below, English Rosewood Library Reading Chair, England, 19th century

below, Large Hand Embroidered Cushions with Pomegranate Motif, Turkey, 20th century

below, Louis XVI Style Brown Velvet Fauteuils, France

below, Early 18th century standing Budda, China

below, Victorian Gilded Stool, England, 19th century

below, 19th century Asian Wooden Trays

below, French Ebonized Leather Desk Chair with Bronze Details, 19th century

below, Large Red Lacquer Offering Bowl with Top and Inside tray, China, 19th century

below, Harlequin Set of Twelve French Dining Chairs in Grey Linen, France, 18th & 19th century ~ two sets of chairs with painted frames and grey linen upholstery, unique set of twelve (six of each)

below, English Round Mahogany Pedestal Table, England, 19th century

below, Pair of 1960s French Plaster Table Lamps

below, English Settee Upholstered in Waxed Brown Linen, 19th century

below, Articulated French Table Lamp, 20th century

below, Antony Todd Collection, Silk Velvet Cushion

below, Moon Shaped Chair, France, 20th century

below, French Candlestick Holders, 20th century

below, Parchment Table Lamp by Antony Todd

below, Antique Ebonized Flemish Mirror

below, Parsons Style Coffee Table in Beige & Grey Parchment

below, 1960s Saddle Chairs Upholstered in Cappuccino Suede, France

below, Large Syrian wall sconces, 19th century, inlaid with tortoise shell, mother of pearl and bone

below, Klismo style sitting chairs, 21st century

below, Oak stools, France, 19th century

below, Large Table, Belgium, 21st century

below, 21st century handblown glass tabouret or vase, Belgium

below, Desk chair, France, 19th century

below, Antony Todd Armless Sofa

below, Pair of Bronze Consoles, 1920s

photos from 1st dibs

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Yesterday I posted about a striking Manhattan bachelor pad designed by New York based designer Steven Gambrel…today, I thought I would feature a gorgeous seaside home also designed by Gambrel…a sort of city and country take on his inventive use of color and form…for starters, I absolutely love the soft periwinkle accents used throughout the house…what an interesting twist on the traditional royal blue and white typically associated with nautical color palettes…this unique shade of blue hints at the ocean and sky in the most subtle and sophisticated way…gorgeous! I also love how relaxed and inviting this home feels…elegant architectural details, comfortable furnishings, beach friendly sisal rugs and plenty of natural light…a lovely home by the sea

photos from Steven Gambrel

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steven gambrel

You may have noticed the image below in two of my older posts, framed groupings and more recently, living with photography ~ 15 inspired interiors. While I featured this interior for its wonderful use of framed photography, today feels like the perfect time to unveil the rest of this artful home. The creative talent behind this bold interior is New York based designer Steven Gambrel. His client, a high powered New York banker, had just spent five glorious years living in London’s posh Holland Park neighborhood. The English capital, known for its rows of Victorian townhouses and neoclassical details, left a lasting impression on the American banker. When he accepted a job that would bring him back to New York, he knew he needed a home that would echo the beauty he experienced in London. His old Tribeca loft just wouldn’t do so he bought an apartment in an 1895 London-like Manhattan neighborhood decorated with fanciful balconies and Gothic Revival churches. The next step was contacting designer Steven Gambrel who had decorated two homes for him over the years. The client wanted his new home to have “an aura of comfort and luxury that felt old-world rather than all-American.” The apartment is a brilliant mix of old and new, blending classical architecture with the clients stunning collection of art and timeless furnishings. Please enjoy this highly expressive Manhattan bachelor pad!

above and below, photos from Steven Gambrel

above and below ~ Black and white photography by Richard Prince, vintage Carlo Moretti glass vases, Ico Parisi bench is upholstered in Glant patent leather.

below, photos and resources from Elle Decor, November 2007

below ~ The sofa was designed by Gambrel, the vintage cocktail table is by Edward Wormley for Dunbar and the walls are painted in Alaskan Husky by Benjamin Moore.

below ~ A custom-made sofa upholstered in Savoy by Robert Allen, vintage Paul Laszlo cocktail table, and Fonthill wall covering in the library; the brass chandelier is vintage, the ceiling is painted Pratt and Lambert’s Rattan, and the C-print is by Gerhard Richter.

below ~ A custom made Beauvais carpet, a Tom Hackney painting, and the footstools upholstered in Holland & Sherry velvet in the master bedroom.

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for those of you who read “a thoughtful eye” on a regular basis, you know that I’m madly in love with my two italian greyhounds mimi and bella, so it must come as no surprise that my passion for photography overlaps effortlessly with my love for these two beauties…after experiencing the graceful Wegman images yesterday, I just had to post these two photos from the other day…mimi was sitting near me gazing out the window, enjoying the afternoon sun as only a dog can do…she looked so beautiful and expressive, I just had to try and capture her mood…a comfortable chair, warm sunshine, and a view of the great outdoors…a perfect day in the life of my sweet little mimi

photos by me

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above, Robert Mapplethorpe, Flower Arrangement, 1982 ~ sold for $6800

In keeping with my Sunday tradition, I am posting images from an archived oldie but goodie, except instead of an interior, I’m posting photographs from an auction catalog that I lovingly filed away from 1992…the auction was to benefit the Photographic Resource Center located at 602 Commonwealth Ave in Boston…at the time, I was a newlywed with no income to spare for art but I can still remember the photographs I fell in love with and the thrill of being there to see them in person…I thought I would feature ten artists that wowed me then and still wow me now…if I had been able to afford some of these works back in 1992, I’d be enjoying quite a sizable profit by now…in fact, seven of the ten artists in today’s post have works in the permanent photography collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston…I fondly remember seeing the Harold Edgerton¬†.30 Bullet Piercing an Apple on exhibit just a few years ago…oh well, I still have the memories and the catalog…enjoy! (just to make us crazy, I’m including the price each piece sold for back in 1992!)

below left, Lucien Aigner, At the Fish Market, Le Touquet, 1934 ~ sold for $480

below right, Lucien Aigner, Marlene Dietrich, Paris, 1936 ~ sold for $1100

below, Richard Misrach, Desert Croquet #1, 1992 ~ sold for $350

below, William Wegman, Symetrical Trio, 1990 ~ sold for $2000

below, Jerry Uelsmann, Untitled, 1976 ~ sold for $1500

below, Harold Edgerton, .30 Bullet Piercing an Apple, 1964 ~ sold for $1900

below, Lynn Davis, Heide Coste, 1982 ~ sold for $850

below, Jerry Berndt, Susanna Vennerbeck, Boston Ballet Co., 1989 ~ sold for $130

below, Arnold Newman, Picasso, Villa de Californie, Cannes, 1956 ~ sold for $1500

below, Eva Rubinstein, Dubrovnik, 1973 ~ sold for $500

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above, Kara Mann

Today’s post features fifteen of my favorite interiors…they are memorable for many reasons but today, they have one common thread…their artful use of photography…in each space, the designer thoughtfully incorporates photography into the environment…some with a bold gesture, (as with the Kara Mann designed dining room above) others with a small gem, that bring you closer for a more intimate look…whether a virtuosic solo or a large symphonic grouping, these interiors lovingly highlight the beauty of photography…

below, Steven Volpe

below, Windsor Smith

below, Vicente Wolf

below, Steven Gambrel

below, Darryl Carter

below, Thomas O’Brien

below, Meichi Peng

below, Susan Chalom

below, Richard Avedon

below, Todd Romano

below, Jacques Grange

below, Antony Todd

below, John Chrestia

below, Thom Filicia

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