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today’s post finds its inspiration from this rustic loaf of bread and sculptural white asparagus…rough-hewn wood floors may echo the uneven tone and texture of the bread while a clean-lined white sofa may take its cue from the long lean form of the asparagus…interiors with a complimentary palette and textural content…enjoy!

happy weekend!

wood and white 6

wood and white 10

wood and white 29

wood and white 38

wood and white 2

wood and white 39

wood and white 1

wood and white 35

wood and white 37

wood and white 14

wood and white 34

wood and white 4

wood and white 5

wood and white 11

wood and white 16

wood and white 12

wood and white 15

wood and white 17

wood and white 18

wood and white 19

wood and white 23

wood and white 22

wood and white 26

wood and white 27

wood and white 20

wood and white 28

wood and white 30

wood and white 21

wood and white 31

wood and white 32

wood and white 33

wood and white 36

photos from Lonny Magazine, Veranda, The Gifts of Life via tumblr, Rose Uniacke, Haynes-Roberts, Henrik Busk via skona hem, Alexandre de Betak via T Magazine, Darryl Carter, and Studio Ko

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anders zorn 1

 Today’s post focuses on the humble yet sublime palette from In Wikström’s Studio painted by Anders Zorn in 1889. Layered earth tones of stone, clay and putty provide a subtle backdrop for his female subject’s luminous gold skin and vibrant red hair. To some, this palette may appear quite neutral, void of “color” if you will, but for me, this highly sophisticated canvas speaks to all that I love about color and texture. It has opened my eyes to an infinite number of artistic possibilities…

zorn palette 34

Feau & Cie

zorn palette 30

Mariann Johansen Ellis

zorn palette 5

photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna

zorn palette 15

Elephant Seal Mother and Pup ~ Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott

zorn palette 2

photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna

zorn palette 7

Anne Packard

zorn palette 4

Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna

zorn palette 21

Silk Road, Kyrgystan ~ Vincent Bonnin

zorn palette 27

Antique egg print

zorn palette 35

Feau & Cie

winter painting 10

Winter ~ Arkhip Kuindzhi, 1895

zorn palette 11

Nicole Franzen via the gifts of life

zorn palette 22

Provins, France ~ Jules Gervais Courtellemont

zorn palette 31


zorn palette 36

Feau & Cie

winter painting 13

Snow and Mist ~ John Atkinson Grimshaw

zorn palette 17

Jac for Valentino Fall/Winter 2012

zorn palette 28

Antique egg print

zorn palette 25


zorn palette 10

Lioness, Kenya ~ Ramesh Ratwatte

zorn palette 14

via the gifts of life

zorn palette 13

pashtundukhtaree.tumblr via the gifts of life

pamela pierce 7

Pamela Pierce

zorn palette 18

Dior Homme “Shadow” Fall/Winter 2012

zorn palette 37

Darryl Carter

zorn palette 16

Artists, Dordogne River ~ Jules Gervais Courtellemont

zorn palette 38


zorn palette 12

Pagoda Steps, Nepal ~ Bas Uterwijk

zorn palette 39

Charles Spada

zorn palette 9

African Spurred Tortoise ~ Glenn Nagel

zorn palette 40

Andy Newcom

zorn palette 23

Death Valley National Park ~ William Lee

zorn palette 19

Belstaff Spring/Summer 2013

zorn palette 26

Antique egg print

zorn palette 1

Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna

zorn palette 8

Cheetah Cubs, South Africa ~Dumith Fernando

zorn palette 41

Bobby McAlpine


photography by danielle boudrot

zorn palette 6

Anders Zorn’s studio in Mora

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The October air in DC reminded me of a balmy summer night in Maine…the kind of atmosphere that encourages outdoor celebration, ice cold flutes of champagne and long memorable conversations…time is fleeting yet seems to stand still…I know for myself, the entire evening is a bit of a blur, but there are moments that will live with me forever…the unified row of valets standing curbside when my taxi arrived, the golden glow of light from within the pristine glass front window, the magnificent bronze lion sculpture whose presence represents the classic yet rustic aesthetic of the visionary designer himself…this bounty of first impressions set the tone for an evening of celebration and appreciation…a celebration of Darryl Carter’s artistic talent, vision, patience, and hard work..and a tangible appreciation for all the artists, architects, craftsmen and tradesmen that made this dream a reality…four-years of painstaking restoration is now complete! Darryl’s signature blend of the rough and refined is fully realized and elevated to a whole new level…his brilliant juxtapositions breathe life into the grandest and humblest of objects…art as seen through the eyes of a rare and gifted talent…and it’s only the beginning…

My heartfelt thanks to Darryl and Julia! Congratulations!

Darryl with dear friend and neighbor, Mary Haft

Darryl with the principals of Glass Construction (Tom Glass) and Wnuk Spurlock Architecture (Steve Spurlock), with members of their staffs

Art by Joanna Blake

Smiling faces from Darryl’s team ~ Anne Marie Hauer (left) and Rebecca Dickson (right)

Topped with a piece of Carrera marble, the sculptural driftwood table serves as art and furniture

Gwenwood Hang from Darryl Carter’s new line of lighting for Urban Electric

Signed copies of Darryl’s gorgeous new book The Collected Home were for sale at the party…the glass doors of the Bibliotheques are reclaimed and hail from the historic Dumbarton House in Georgetown

Above ~ Detail of a reclaimed stone arch from an estate on the Potomac in Virginia

The party in full swing!

Sidra Forman, a close friend of Darryl’s, catered the event…she created a visual and edible feast for the senses!

Architects Michael M. Franck (far right) and James Martin (far left) from the Washington DC architectural firm Franck & Lohsen

I had a fabulous conversation with the Kravet’s! Two of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! I hope their home in New Jersey was spared by Superstorm Sandy…my thoughts are with them

I met the wonderful team from luxe. interiors + design (magazine) ~ Sean Grace with his wife Kristen (left), Emilia Philip and Charlotte DeFuria (right)

Guests gathered in the courtyard to applaud Darryl’s new boutique/design studio and new book The Collected Home…remarks were given by Jack Evans, City Council member, Trish Donnally, who collaborated with Darryl on the book, and seated next to Darryl is Barbara Harrison, Washington NBC news anchor who conducted a thoughtful Q&A

Below ~ Detail of a wall relief by artist Margaret Boozer

Some quiet moments at the end of the evening…

An antique plaster relief hangs in the courtyard

photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

If you’re interested in learning more about the restoration, click here to view my post from April 4, 2012

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Still working on my post from the party! Almost there!

In the meantime, please enjoy one of my favorite photographs from the end of the evening…I was looking out a window, much like the window you see in the photo…a warm breeze washed over my face and for a moment, I felt like I was living in an Edward Hopper painting…

photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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invitation only!

On 10/1/12, I received an invitation from Darryl Carter to attend a private gathering on Thursday evening 10/25/12 celebrating the launch of his new boutique/design studio and new book The Collected Home! To say I was elated beyond words is an understatement! I leave for Washington DC bright and early tomorrow morning to embark on an adventure I’m sure I’ll remember for a lifetime…I promise to bring back exclusive photos and personal insights from this very special event…until then, please enjoy this sneak peek of wares from the new boutique published in the October 2012 issue of Elle Decor…imagine being greeted by this magnificent bronze lion? I already have butterflies in my tummy…

photos from Darryl Carter’s new Washington DC boutique via Elle Decor

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Whether you love them for their grace and beauty or for their unwavering loyalty, dogs are truly a man’s (or woman’s) best friend…here is a sampling of some of my favorite designers with the love’s of their life

Bobby McAlpine with his Greyhound Joe

Darryl Carter with his German Shorthaired Pointer Otis

Robert Couturier with his Shih Tzus Henriette and Chuck

Alfredo Paredes’ Labrador Retriever Sid

Tara Shaw with her Whippet Jack

John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross with their Great Dane Cooper

Grant K. Gibson with one of his two Westies

Todd Romano’s miniature dachshund Bunny

Stephen Shubel’s Papillon Coco

Nate Berkus with his Border Collies Henry and Emma

Fitzhugh Karol with Olive

Yves Saint Laurent with his Chihuahua

Michael S. Smith’s Wheaton Terriers Chubbs and Shortcake

Greet Lefevre with Mango! (ok, not her dog Ralph but most definitely a huge love of her life!)

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Washington D.C. based architect Donald Lococo and interior designer Darryl Carter fused their talents to create a Tudor revival for the 21st century…flowing spaces and sun-washed rooms echo the wants and needs of a modern family while the raised paneling, oriel window and Gothic-style fireplace offer architectural gestures from the past…the clean, neutral palette provides a serene backdrop for Carter’s thoughtful mix of antiques and custom furniture…

Who knew a Tudor could be bright and inviting?

photography by William Waldron for Architectural Digest

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