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Egeskov castle is famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe…located on the island of Funen, near Odense, this fairy tale fortress dates back to the 15th century…originally built for defense purposes, the walls are double thick and contain hidden stairs and a well to secure a water supply during a siege…the castle, as seen today, was built by Frands Brockenhuus and was completed in 1554…he built the structure in the middle of a lake on a foundation of oak pilings, and according to legend, in such quantities that “it took an oak forest to do it”…with its 171 doors, 200 windows and 2,062 panes of glass, this remarkable piece of history has me believing in happy endings…all I need now is the horse drawn gilded carriage!

photos from petitpomme via deviantart and egeskov

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Last week, I posted some gorgeous photos from Tine K Home, a homewares brand based out of Denmark…I was so impressed with the product line and artful images, I just couldn’t resist exploring and posting about Tine’s own home located on the small island of Funen near Odense in Denmark…lucky for us, her thoughtfully restored 1834 jewel was published in multiple shelter magazines and so today, I bring you some lovely photos from both Elle Decoration and Elle Interior along with a quote from a 2010 interview with Clare Nolan for You magazine…enjoy!

Tine describes her home as “my kind of easy style…it’s Nordic with a touch of India and Vietnam…to me, the style is Nordic because of the whites, blues and grays – essentially cold colors that I combine with the warmth and texture of eastern objects and furniture…the style relies on the mix of elements in balance with organization, as the aim is to be simple with lots of bare, plain space to live within.”

photos from Elle Decoration and Elle Interior via Tine K Home

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escape winter’s chill with the beauty of Tine K Home‘s 2012 spring/summer collection aptly named PURE…

rustic driftwood grays mix and mingle with clean white linens and accessories…artful vignettes that capture the essence and simplicity of summer…how wonderful to experience a taste of what’s to come…

happy weekend!

“It is the contrast between light and dark which creates the style and atmosphere. Often, the dark colors come from old objects, furniture and carpets from the East. I like pieces that have history, that are handmade and different, and that I can’t usually find in Denmark.” ~ Tine Kjeldsen

lucky for us, we can shop for these gorgeous products online…click here to check out Tine K Home’s webshop!

photos from Tine K Home

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tine k home

Last week, I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me in my inbox, an invitation to attend a press blog event in Denmark! The occasion, the launch of Tine K Home‘s 2012 Spring/Summer collection! Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend but I was given permission to publish their incredible images on my blog…so today, I begin with a combination of the 2010 and 2011 collections…rich with texture, color and light, these photographs feel more like paintings than press shots…founder and owner Tine Kjeldsen mixes Asian, French, Scandinavian and Moroccan influences into her one of a kind collection of furniture, clothing, bedding, tableware and accessories…I find great beauty and comfort in these images…each with their own unique story, they leave me wanting more…

Till tomorrow!!!

I love this quote from Tine Kjeldsen describing her first room as a little girl…”I was very young when I began showing interest in creating a nice atmosphere. The first room I called my own was located in my aunt and uncle’s house. I was only 12 years old when my mother and I moved from our apartment to their house. My favorite color was pale pink. Imagine a room in this particular color! Yet, I thought it was heaven, and I was extremely proud it was mine. Different objects were bought to create small set-ups in the room, exactly the way I create them in my pictures today.”

photos from Tine K Home

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