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Let’s visit five unique exhibits from the spring 2012 High Point Market

First up, Tara Shaw Maison…exquisite reproduction furniture honoring the authentic finishes and hand carvings of Tara’s favorite one-of-a-kind treasures from Europe…I was awed by her Italian Grisaille Architectural Wall Scene (pictured above) and Grisaille line of pillow shams (pictured below)…an artful gesture from the past re-imagined as wall decor and textiles…so beautiful and romantic

below ~ Busbin

At last spring’s High Point Market, my sister Karen fell in love with Stuart Coleman Budd’s paintings so one of our must-see visits was to Busbin! We were greeted with lively music and dancing by Busbin’s owner Russ (left) and artist Stuart (right)! Their positive energy and passion for what they do was contagious! Friends long before they became business partners, their pieces live together in perfect harmony…time worn textures combined with a soft earthy palette could describe either the furniture or paintings…what a wonderful union!

below ~ Natural Curiosities

“Great art picks up where nature ends” ~ Marc Chagall

Framed butterflies and gold feathers captured my imagination…what an innovative way to live with nature and appreciate it’s timeless beauty

below ~ Eloquence

Thoughtfully restored French antiques, reproduction furniture, lighting and objects of interest…I fell in love with this pair of antique gilded chairs pictured below…the humble burlap upholstery allowed the aged gold patina to sing…I have their beauty etched in my memory…a truly special discovery

below ~ Go Home

Unique and beautiful items from around the globe…how about a gold leather journal? Chic and functional!

photography by danielle boudrot for a thoughtful eye

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