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we never thought our beloved city of boston, our home, would experience such tragedy…it is with heavy hearts and swollen eyes that we continue to grieve for those who lost their lives and for those still fighting for their lives…it is with grateful hearts and still swollen eyes that we embrace and give thanks to our unsung heros…for every act of unspeakable violence thrust upon them, they responded with an even stronger and more remarkable act of courage…a yin and yang of the human spirit if you will, one giving rise to the other…out of darkness, we see light once again…a light that shines brighter and stronger than ever before…

yin and yang

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100,000 all-time views!

How strange and wonderful that on 11/11/11, a thoughtful eye surpassed 100,000 all-time views! My thanks go out to you for making this possible…your support inspires me to keep exploring, learning and discovering…cheers! I’ll let you know when we hit a million!

Wishing you a happy weekend filled with strange and wonderful coincidences!

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please help japan

My dear friend Akane asked me to help spread an important message in this time of need. Her email reads, “I was wondering if you could consider donating for the on-going disaster in Japan. Below are links to the Red Cross for the U.S and Canada. Thank you very much for your support.”

Fortunately her family and friends are doing ok but she is most concerned for her country and for all those who are suffering. Please join me in sending a donation to the Red Cross. Thank you

Donation from U.S.

Donation from Canada

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rest and recovery

My apologies for not posting yesterday…I was battling a nasty case of the flu…my hope is to be back to myself by tomorrow with lots of new posts and renewed life…thank you for your patience!

above, photo of mimi taken october 9th, 2008

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