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Reflections of 2010…it was a lovely summer day in August…my mom and I planned a day trip to Provincetown…always so much to see and do…it’s worth a trip just to see the shadows on the dunes as you approach Provincetown…it’s like being in another world…our day was as perfect as could be with plenty of time to soak in the salt air, ocean views, art galleries, and dinner…one gallery we had yet to discover was the Ernden Fine Art Gallery…to our delight, there was a breathtaking show by a Japanese printmaker, Takahiro Maruno…we were so taken with his abstract use of pattern and color…for me, I knew I was in love with his work from the first moment I saw it ~ the feeling, an overwhelming sense of pleasure and curiosity…as much as I loved his colored pieces I was immediately drawn to this grayscale print…to my eye, it is an abstraction of mountains and trees…petite triangles outline the sweeping form of the mountains…it was like nothing I had ever experienced before…delicate and graceful, it captured my heart…everytime I look at this piece of art, I will remember the perfect August day, my mom and this special discovery

“Takahiro Maruno is a master printmaker. His skillfully rendered, richly colored and expressive abstract etchings reflect a relationship with nature begun as a child, playing in the fields and woods and streets of suburban Tokyo. His memories of the sensual joy of being in nature – the green smell of the lawn, the sound of the wind creeping up on him, the brightness of a dandelion on the asphalt after the rain, the wide sky above – these experiences sank deep into his mind and heart, and their memory brings fresh expression to the centuries old art of printmaking.”

photos by me 12/28/10

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