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Transfixed by the radiant beauty and sublime palette of this Delacroix painting, I was inspired to pull together a diverse collection of images that, for me, express a similar tonality to this masterpiece…with each image, I tried to reference the earthy terra-cotta hue of his shawl…sometimes it’s paired with a luminous golden ochre, in other cases, with a more vibrant red or a humble green…

warm textures 16

Michaelangelo in his Studio by Eugene Delacroix, 1849-1850

warm textures 20

warm textures 21

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

warm textures 1

warm textures 11

warm textures 2

via like a field mouse

warm textures 12

Woman Weighing Gold by Jan van Hemessen

warm textures 23

warm textures 22

Christian Louboutin photographed by Ivan Terestchenko for Elle Decor

warm textures 4

warm textures 8

warm textures 9

via the gifts of life

warm textures 13

Curiously Wrought Red Sandstone Arches by Edwin Lord Weeks, 1885

warm textures 17

warm textures 18

Axel Vervoordt

warm textures 26

Rashidi Saleh

warm textures 24

Andrew Abrahamson

warm textures 27

Dean McCartney

warm textures 15

Michaelangelo by Jean-Leon Gerome

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With autumn just around the corner, I thought you might enjoy a taste of what’s to come…how about a warm cup of apple cider by a roaring fire?

photos from Birch Coffey and Chas Miller, Pauline and Jerry Harrison, Axel Vervoordt, Bobby McAlpine, Steven Volpe, Tine K Home

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above, Aphrodite Anadyomene, Greek, Hellenistic Period, 3rd-1st century BC ~ Axel Vervoordt from TEFAF Maastricht 2011

He influences and inspires the way we think about and see the world around us…his aesthetic is studied and followed by the most accomplished architects and interior designers in the world…his philosophical approach to the way one lives and interacts with their environment has changed the face of interior design as we know it…the person, Axel Vervoordt…”Regarded as one of the most original and adventurous collectors and dealers of our time, he considers himself an eclectic collector and dealer, who treasures the timeless and disdains the trendy.” Behind each masterful composition, he fuses his profound knowledge of art history and applied arts with an artist’s eye for balance, scale and proportion, thus creating exquisite spaces filled with timeless beauty…I’m humbled and honored to share with you these images from Axel Vervoordt’s 50-room castle near Antwerp…please enjoy his skillful and sensitive juxtaposition of antiques and art ~ from contemporary to 18th century to ancient Egypt…may you be inspired by this Belgian masterpiece

“Vervoordt cites three main strands of influence in his work. The first is that of contemporary and oriental art and arte povera, which to him signifies the importance of a life of meditation, empty space, a love and respect of nature and of human existence. The second is architecture, which represents proportion, balance and harmony, such as one might find in an 18th century library. The third strand is the baroque, either gilded and courtly, or more.” ~ photos and resources from Axel Vervoordt

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