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Transfixed by the radiant beauty and sublime palette of this Delacroix painting, I was inspired to pull together a diverse collection of images that, for me, express a similar tonality to this masterpiece…with each image, I tried to reference the earthy terra-cotta hue of his shawl…sometimes it’s paired with a luminous golden ochre, in other cases, with a more vibrant red or a humble green…

warm textures 16

Michaelangelo in his Studio by Eugene Delacroix, 1849-1850

warm textures 20

warm textures 21

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

warm textures 1

warm textures 11

warm textures 2

via like a field mouse

warm textures 12

Woman Weighing Gold by Jan van Hemessen

warm textures 23

warm textures 22

Christian Louboutin photographed by Ivan Terestchenko for Elle Decor

warm textures 4

warm textures 8

warm textures 9

via the gifts of life

warm textures 13

Curiously Wrought Red Sandstone Arches by Edwin Lord Weeks, 1885

warm textures 17

warm textures 18

Axel Vervoordt

warm textures 26

Rashidi Saleh

warm textures 24

Andrew Abrahamson

warm textures 27

Dean McCartney

warm textures 15

Michaelangelo by Jean-Leon Gerome

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Today’s post explores the depth and beauty of moss green…rich with complex layers of yellow, brown and gray, it is a versatile neutral that compliments almost any other hue…may you be inspired by one of my favorite colors…

Chester Geissler

Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada

Christopher Knight and Carlos Aponte

Gwynn Griffith

Tricia Huntley

Paul Gauguin

Michele Bonan

Kara Mann

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Steven Gambrel

Stephen Sills

Muriel Brandolini

Karen Tusinski

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“In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.” ~ Michelangelo Buonarroti

Wishing you a joyous weekend!

John Saladino

Juan Pablo Molyneux

Lars Bolander

Luis Bustamante

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Meichi Peng

Richard Shapiro

Robert Couturier

Studio Ko

Suzanne Rheinstein

William Frawley

William Sofield

Windsor Smith

Yves Saint Laurent

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My October 2011 issue of Veranda arrived the other day and much to my delight, they featured their summer showhouse on the cover! I have been waiting patiently for more pictures of this masterful concept home and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! I would highly recommend picking up a copy as there is a wonderful article and some additional photos…for me, I still enjoy seeing the images on the pages of a magazine…somehow there is an intimacy to the printed page that I lose with the computer…my heart still beats a bit faster when I see a magazine arrive in the mail!

Aptly nicknamed The House of Windsor, it takes its name after Windsor Smith, lead designer for the 8,000 square foot project situated in Los Angeles’ Mandeville Canyon…joining her, an all star cast of fellow designers ~ Candace Barnes, Stephen Block (patios), Peter Dunham, Richard Hallberg, Kathryn Ireland, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Paul Robbins (landscape design), Richard Shapiro and Tara Shaw…what makes this project unique is Windsor Smith’s vision for the home…she wanted the architecture and interior design to reflect the needs and wants of today’s family…a return to tradition and intimacy…what a wonderful collaboration and stimulating challenge for this talented group of designers…I believe the images speak for themselves…enjoy!

below ~ entry hall designed by Windsor Smith

below ~ family room designed by Windsor Smith

below ~ great room designed by Richard Shapiro

below ~ dining room designed by Richard Hallberg

below ~ kitchen designed by Windsor Smith

below ~ study designed by Peter Dunham

below ~ media room designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

below ~ master bedroom, bath and dressing room designed by Candace Barnes

below ~ bedroom designed by Tara Shaw

below ~ guest suite designed by Peter Dunham

below ~ the stable designed by Kathryn M. Ireland

photos from Veranda, Los Angeles Times, Coco Cozy

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“His creativity thrives on diversity”

┬áRenowned for his broad range of styles, Martyn Lawrence Bullard brings a wealth of experience and sophistication to his interiors…while the images in today’s post celebrate his diversity, they also highlight his extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to quality…I hope you find inspiration and beauty in these brilliantly designed interiors…I know I am grateful to have discovered his thoughtful eye…

“I always visit my clients in their homes before beginning a project – to understand the way they currently live, what they like about their decor and what they really want as their dream home. I instruct them to pull pictures from magazines, even if it’s just a door handle, and slowly we build up a jigsaw puzzle with their pieces. It’s my job to fit them all together and fill in the blanks with decorating magic.” ~ MLB

“The one rule I’ve always stuck to is to be honest. There’s no point in creating a decorative scheme on or around something you don’t believe in…to be a straight shooter is always the best policy. Then you know where you stand and can create something beautiful together.” ~ MLB

photos and resources from Martyn Lawrence Bullard, 2nd and 3rd quotes from Architectural Digest, January 2010

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