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To wrap up our Million Dollar Decorators week, let’s visit with the globe-trotting L.A. designer Nathan Turner…in addition to running a highly successful interior design firm, Nathan is the creative visionary and buyer for Nathan Turner Antiques, a beloved L.A. destination where he sells his eclectic finds from all over the world…you may have noticed his fellow designers on MDD shopping in his store for client projects! What fun! Fortunately, for those of us living a long distance from L.A., Nathan has a storefront on 1st dibs…I think we can all agree, nothing compares to the feeling you get when you walk into a perfectly styled store filled with beautiful things…the ideas and inspirations are endless…but until then, we can explore his worldly finds and study his educated eye with the magic of 1st dibs

Nathan describes his style as a mix of traditional and bohemian and is passionate about using color in his interiors…I love this NT quote from a recent interview with HGTV, “I find inspiration all over the place. I constantly carry a camera with me because inspiration can come literally from the color on the side of a building. I’m also insanely inspired by food and all things in the food industry. I enjoy cooking and the entire process of creating a meal, going out to eat or shopping for food.” This idea of finding design inspiration from the food we eat or from the color of a building is what “a thoughtful eye” is all about…opening our eyes to all the beauty that surrounds us…thank you Nathan for this little gem

The images in today’s post are some of my favorites from his portfolio…I adore the framed groupings and his effortless splashes of color…as they say on Million Dollar Decorators, “delicious!”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

photos from Nathan Turner

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Los Angeles based interior designer¬†Jeffrey Alan Marks¬†started out as a model in Paris, London and Milan while studying design at London’s Inchbald School of Design…after graduation, he interned with the long-admired British designer John Stefanidis…in an interview with 1st dibs Style Compass, Marks describes his love of British design…

“Brit style is more accidental than what we usually see in the United States. Design is more colorful and layered-and it always benefits from the carefree look of a happy accident. John knew how to make formal feel comfortable-and, thanks to my training with him, it’s what I love doing in my own designs-that is, taking the traditional and not only making it easily livable, but a little bit sassy too.”

Two tidbits about JAM you might find interesting ~

1) One of his first clients was Michael Bruno, president and founder of 1st dibs!

2) His favorite place to stay is Blackberry Farm!

The images in today’s post begin with interiors from the Santa Monica beach house Marks shares with his partner Ross Cassidy…the stunning ocean views, sea glass palette, earthy materials and cozy spaces celebrate the very essence of California living…please enjoy!

below ~ Santa Monica beach house of Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy

below ~ JAM designed interiors

photos and resources from Jeffrey Alan Marks, 1st dibs, and Elle Decor

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“His creativity thrives on diversity”

¬†Renowned for his broad range of styles, Martyn Lawrence Bullard brings a wealth of experience and sophistication to his interiors…while the images in today’s post celebrate his diversity, they also highlight his extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to quality…I hope you find inspiration and beauty in these brilliantly designed interiors…I know I am grateful to have discovered his thoughtful eye…

“I always visit my clients in their homes before beginning a project – to understand the way they currently live, what they like about their decor and what they really want as their dream home. I instruct them to pull pictures from magazines, even if it’s just a door handle, and slowly we build up a jigsaw puzzle with their pieces. It’s my job to fit them all together and fill in the blanks with decorating magic.” ~ MLB

“The one rule I’ve always stuck to is to be honest. There’s no point in creating a decorative scheme on or around something you don’t believe in…to be a straight shooter is always the best policy. Then you know where you stand and can create something beautiful together.” ~ MLB

photos and resources from Martyn Lawrence Bullard, 2nd and 3rd quotes from Architectural Digest, January 2010

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Born in England, Kathryn M. Ireland moved to Los Angeles in 1986…before launching her interior design business she explored acting, clothing design, and even film making…how wonderful that she discovered her creative self through interior and textile design! The interiors in today’s post are some of my favorites and celebrate her love of rich textiles, vibrant colors and comfortable living…an effortless blend of California casual, English country and tropical exoticism…please enjoy!

“I’m so conscious of not wanting a room to look ‘decorated’…I don’t start with a lead fabric and then say, ‘this has to go with this.’ It’s all a mix” ~ KI

“It’s what I want my own house to be – unpretentious and welcoming. It’s that thing of letting a room evolve. I don’t think too much. I don’t put too much importance on any one thing. I’m just attracted to certain objects and somehow I know it’s all going to work.” ~ KI

“I like the layering thing. You need lots of different textures in a room, so it’s not one dimensional and flat. Prints, weaves. I love old documents, old Fortuny. I use a lot of ethnic textiles, because they work anywhere.” ~ KI

“I want a room to feel fresh and approachable. We’re all drawn to warmth and amusement, fun, food, laughter. At the end of the day, I want conversation and friends and a glass of wine, with my dogs lying in everyone’s laps. That’s what it’s all about.” ~ KI

photos from Kathryn M. Ireland, quotes from House Beautiful, February 2010

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I recently discovered the Bravo tv series Million Dollar Decorators…the show explores the work and personal lives of Los-Angeles-based designers Mary McDonald, Kathryn Ireland, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Jeffrey Alan Marks and Nathan Turner…last week’s episode inspired me to take a closer look at these five talented designers, so this week, I’ll be featuring a Million Dollar Decorator a day…let us begin our journey with the glamorous Mary McDonald…

I truly admire designers who embrace color, layer pattern and enjoy the unexpected…for me, Mary McDonald embodies this bold approach…fearless and confident, there is something quite joyous and undeniably elegant about her interiors…a zest for life and passion for beauty…please enjoy some of my favorites!

“Raised in Brentwood, Mary McDonald attended the Parsons School of Design and began her career as a milliner with her designs featured in Vogue, Bazaar and Vanity Fair. Through extensive travel in Europe and the Far East, she has created a personal signature that is eclectic, classic, and clean while maintaining a strong sense of glamour and sophistication.”

“Her ability to combine bold patterns, Chinoiserie, and Indian influences with contemporary lines and an impeccable sense of color has established her signature style.”

photos and resources from Mary McDonald

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