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stone columns

stone columns bathed in afternoon light…their timeless beauty transfixed me…architecture meets art…art meets nature…one can not thrive without the other

photos by me, 8/30/11

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adam bram straus

Carefully curated and thoughtfully composed, the Hollywood Hills apartment of Los Angeles designer Adam Bram Straus is a masterclass in how to create mood…deep charcoal walls and ebonized hardwood floors set the tone for his effortless mix of vintage furniture, lighting and art…notice his brilliant play of textures in the living room ~ the plush velvet sofa and triangular vintage cocktail table harmonize with the gilt framed life-size oil painting and masculine cowhide rug…united, they transcend their own individual beauty…it is living composition filled with tactile textures, sculptural forms and artful vignettes…please enjoy!

photos and resources from Lonny Magazine

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my ironman

“There is no can’t in ironman” ~ Unbekannt

“If you challenge yourself to finish an ironman, you can do anything.” ~ Unbekannt

Yesterday, while Tropical Storm Irene swept through the Northeast, my husband Edward was competing in his very first ironman…the place ~ Louisville Kentucky…the course ~ a 2.4 mile swim in the Ohio River, a 112 mile bike ride through the beautiful Kentucky countryside and historic town of La Grange, and a 26.2 mile run through the heart of Louisville…Edward crossed the finish line in 14 hours, 35 minutes and 2 seconds…he is now an ironman! I want to dedicate today’s post to Edward…my inspiration, my love, my ironman…

photo taken at sand beach, acadia national park, maine ~ summer 2011

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the kitchen ~ part two

from chic urban lofts to charming country retreats, these artful kitchens are sure to inspire delectable meals and memorable conversation…bon appetit!

wishing you all a safe and wonderful weekend!

photos from Antony Todd, Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home

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With all this talk of food and cooking, I thought it best to feature the room where it all happens, the kitchen…it has been nicknamed “the heart of the home” and for good reason…it is where the rhythm of the day begins…where we nourish our bodies and feed our soul…have you ever asked yourself why we all end up in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day? (and it’s not just to steal an extra piece of mom’s stuffing!)…somehow the act of cooking brings us closer together…it inspires stimulating conversation, singing, laughter, and love…a place where life unfolds…

photos from Elle Decor

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While researching Chez Panisse, I discovered a heartfelt review written by blogger Adam Roberts…started back in 2004, his blog is called Amateur Gourmet and chronicles his love affair with food along with his transition from law school to professional food writer…on April 19th 2007, he visited Chez Panisse for dinner and composed a magical review…his eloquent writing takes you with him, from the fairy tale facade to the simplicity and balance of each bite, he leaves you with keys in hand, ready to catch the next flight to Berkeley California…if you are one of the lucky ones, and have eaten at Chez Panisse, then reading his post may transport you back to a much loved memory…if you are like me, yearning to experience the ultimate in farm to table perfection, then this review will take you there…Adam is a brilliant and passionate writer…I’m thrilled he has found his calling! Please enjoy!

To read Adam’s review of Chez Panisse, click here

photos by me ~ summer 2011

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On Sunday August 28th 2011, Chez Panisse, the iconic Berkeley California restaurant founded by the one and only Alice Waters, will be celebrating its 40th anniversary! The philanthropic festivities begin on Friday and run through Sunday night…highlights include a Friday “Birthday Eve” dinner with all the flourishes, hosted by Alice Waters and cooked by Jean-Pierre Moulle with Sally Clarke of London, a Saturday Provencal feast cooked by chef David Tanis honoring Nicolas Pagnol, son of French filmmaker Marcel Pagnol whose spirited cinema gave Alice Waters the name for Chez Panisse! And on Sunday, there will be a special screening of Marcel Pagnol’s film “The Baker’s Wife” with an introduction by Alice Waters and Tom Luddy, 4:00 PM at the Pacific Film Archive Theater…all of the proceeds will benefit the Edible Schoolyard Project, a pioneering organization founded by Alice Waters in 1996 which supports an educational program that uses food to nurture, educate, and empower youth…

I’m awed and amazed by what she has been able to accomplish…for me, she is a shining example of how one person can truly make a difference…may we all learn from her courage, strength and good will…

the photos in today’s post are from the Berkeley Edible Schoolyard as well as the Pittsburgh Edible Schoolyard…

“We believe every child has a right to fresh, healthy food. And we believe public school is the best place to provide it. Like physical education programs—established forty years ago in response to a presidential commission concerned about the fitness of our nation’s youth—food education and access to fresh, healthy food must become part of the public school experience. The Foundation has developed three program areas to support this vision.” ~ Alice Waters

School Lunch Reform ~ A strategy to transform the quality of school food nationwide, and a model school lunch program in the Berkeley Unified School District.

The Edible Schoolyard ~ A model garden and kitchen program on the grounds of a public school, where students learn the connections between food, health, and the environment.

The Edible Schoolyard Affiliate Network ~ A small network of model programs which demonstrate that the Edible Schoolyard can succeed in a diverse set of climates and communities, and through a variety of funding streams.

To learn more about the Edible Schoolyard, click here

below, a tomato tasting at the Berkeley Edible Schoolyard

below, students shuck corn at the Berkeley Edible Schoolyard

below, students from the Pittsburgh Edible Schoolyard

below, T-shirt designed by Alice Waters…the chef partnered with Levi’s on a limited-edition collection of T-shirts and enlisted friends Sofia Coppola,  David Byrne, Dave Eggers, and Maira Kalman to contribute a design…to see all four designs, click here

photos from Vogue.com, Foodiebia.blogspot.com, Berkeleyside.com, aboutharvest.com

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a pair of peppers

a pair of peppers from the farm…I just couldn’t resist capturing their beauty this morning…hope you are enjoying the luscious flavors of summer!

photo by me, 8/22/11

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This week, while researching architect Gil Schafer, I happened upon a wonderful discovery…let me preface by saying I’ve been visiting the E.R. Butler & Co. retail showroom, located at 38 Charles Street in the historic Beacon Hill area of downtown Boston, for many years…the artful window displays, flawless cabinetry and breathtaking hardware provide me with an infinite amount of inspiration…the happy revelation? The architect responsible for the creation of this Charles Street gem is Gil Schafer! It all makes perfect sense! E.R. Butler & Co. is a premium quality custom hardware manufacturer of fine architectural, builders’ and cabinermakers’ Early American, Federal, and Georgian period hardware for doors, windows and fine furniture…it’s a match made in heaven!

 To learn more about E.R. Butler & Co., click here

Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with happy revelations!

photos from G. P. Schafer

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“The things one loves about old houses – their sense of history, their time-worn easy comfort, the way they sit on the land with an air of inevitability, their elegant proportions and details…they celebrate craftsmanship and quality, comfort and decoration, natural light and the importance of connecting the rooms inside with the landscapes which surround them…” ~ G. P. Schafer

below ~ stairs

below ~ doors

below ~ fireplaces

below ~ porches

below ~ kitchens and baths

below ~ mouldings and cabinetry

below ~ landscapes

below ~ barns and outbuildings

photos from G. P. Schafer

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